When a business tries to grow in a sustainable way, they usually do three things to achieve it: They upgrade the processes they use to be more efficient, they optimize their systems to boost productivity, and they increase their headcount. Whether you are a startup or an established business facing growth challenges, every new hire is crucial for your success. The new generation of talent entering the workforce is more selective and demanding with their habits and preferences.

Digital technology has changed the recruitment process to become more manageable. The time spent for a tedious recruiting process that overloads hiring staff and HR personnel is now being better spent on candidate relationship management and employee experience enhancement. This Lever vs. Jobvite comparison presents two recruitment software options and some of their common features. Hopefully, the information can help you decide which will serve your recruitment goals better.

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Lever is a San Francisco-based startup company founded in 2012. Co-founded by two ex-Google employees, its mission is to help companies grow their team. It has developed and uses new technology like the DerbyJS framework for real-time, collaborative applications in their enterprise software. Also, Lever tries to incorporate its company values such as collaboration and transparency into their software so client organizations can put talent and teamwork side-by-side as they implement their hiring process.

Lever is composed of several modules that can work separately or come together under the Talent Suite product. It has features for:

  • Hiring
  • Automated sourcing
  • Personalized communications
  • Tracking of metrics, and others.

These tools let you streamline the recruitment process. Over 2,000 company customers are using the solution and is proud to say it has a 50-50 gender balance on its team. Some of its customers include Change.org, Shopify, and Button.


Jobvite, Inc., is a privately-held recruitment software and services company based in San Mateo, CA. It was founded in 2006 with a focus on recruitment software and now has customers across all industries, with solutions for specific industry needs such as healthcare, marketing and advertising, manufacturing, and technology. Jobvite has a simple approach in helping its customers attract talent: to personalize the candidate experience while simplifying and expediting the acquisition process.

Jobvite includes several modules as well as a comprehensive platform that can be further tailored according to the size of the customer company. It has recommended solutions for different company sizes, such as those belonging to:

  • Emerging market
  • Mid market
  • Enterprise.

It has a Marketplace where you can integrate and extend their software with solutions from other providers, as well as a professional services team to configure, train, and speed up the implementation. Some of the companies using their software are LinkedIn, Blizzard Entertainment, and Schneider Electric.

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Features comparison between Lever and Jobvite

Streamlined hiring

Lever Hire is a complete recruiting solution in itself, with tools to help you source and attract, offer and hire, and archive or rediscover candidates in your database. It has powerful sourcing tools for finding and hiring the right candidate that you can manage in your own database. It offers complete information quickly for every candidate with a historical record. An interview scheduling calendar lets you post available schedules, so candidates can book 1:1 interviews themselves. Hiring managers can review candidates, leave feedback, and approve offers using their email that integrates with the system. Other features include a to-do list for organizing daily recruitment tasks and customizable interview kits for collecting vital information to based hiring decisions.

Jobvite Hire is an applicant tracking system that allows you to streamline the hiring process. You can find the best candidates with its referral capabilities together with candidate matching features. It has a social tool called Refer that allows you to tap into your employees’ networks. View every candidate with unified information using an intuitive interface that recruiters and hiring managers can easily adopt. An automated scheduler helps you save time for managing interviews, and a mobile app lets you leave feedback or collaborate with the rest of the hiring team. Other features in the software are configurable requisition and offer management workflows, as well as custom, role-based permissions for security.

Effective nurturing

Lever Nurture can be added to Hire to enhance the response rates from all types of candidates. It has tools that let your hiring managers personalize and send emails that stand out. The customizable email campaigns can be sent automatically on schedule. It can recommend all candidates — past and present — who fit best your open positions, and allow you to refine your search by narrowing or expanding it. You can get a high-level overview of your sourcing, generate reports to see which campaigns work, and drill down to get details that will help you get answers.

Jobvite Engage gives you tools to source talent from paid and free resume databases, social media sites, and web searches. You can engage candidates with personalized communications through social and email campaigns so you can build strong relationships. Branded campaigns allow you to drive interested candidates to a customized landing page. It has tracking tools, so you can monitor how people engage with your campaigns and see which ones perform best. Tagging features let you organize your candidates by skills, location, or experience, among others.

Reports and analytics

Lever Analytics provides flexible reporting and analytical tools so you can quickly visualize your data, and assess and improve it continuously. Lever Hire already includes core reports and highly visual dashboards. Analytics adds advanced modules so you can customize every report without the need for previous analytics experience. It lets you customize dashboards to explore and uncover unique trends. You have access to 14 pre-built dashboards such as high-level overview or daily operation metrics that can provide additional insight. You can also export data through an API.

Jobvite has dashboard analytics that give real-time visualization of candidate and requisition data. You can start with pre-built templates that you can customize for personal view. Choose to display a variety of metrics that can help you spot hiring trends or bottlenecks. You can click on interactive graphs that lets you view actual source data quickly. It has over 50 ready-to-use reports you can analyze your data with. The flexible report builder allows you to customize reports, and the dynamic UI has interactive and drag-and-drop tools that can be used by everyone.

Which should you choose?

The Lever Talent Suite is a complete platform including all the modules to help you hire and reach the best candidates while having the tools to measure your company’s performance. It also has improved integration through the included Talent Cloud Connect module. Plug and play integrations let you connect and unify workflows, data, and insights between Lever and other HR systems such as Workday.

Jobvite offers a comprehensive recruiting platform that includes onboarding, career sites, video interviewing, and other features. It also integrates with other business tools and HR system partners like Workday using pre-built and custom integrations. It can automate the flow of data between different systems and further streamline the recruiting process.

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