The labor market is changing quickly because of demographic changes as well as technological advancements. Experts predict that some jobs will be lost, but some jobs — like data analysts — will increase in demand. Companies need better, more targeted hiring efforts to be successful. Some of the recommendations are:

  • Define your ideal candidate
  • Learn the language of your targeted group
  • Optimize your career page and job ads
  • Use niche job boards
  • Always be hiring

Another way to improve your hiring efforts is to use the right recruiting software. We present two popular solutions and compare some of their common features in this Lever vs. CATSone article. We can help you find the right recruiting software quickly, so you don’t have to compare hundreds of products to find the right set of features you need. Use our Product Selection Tool to get a short list of recommendations.

Lever vs. CATSone: Company information


Lever, Inc., is a San Francisco-based private company. It was founded in 2012 by former Google employees with a mission to help companies grow their team. The software provides organizations with a unified solution where a single system of record covers the entire hiring lifecycle of every candidate.

Lever offers a Talent Suite composed of individual products for recruitment, candidate engagement, analytics, and an integration platform. Each product can be used separately or in combination with one or more Lever products. The software works for any business size in any type of industry. Today, it has more than 2,000 company customers in 40 countries. Some of their clients are McGrawHill, Cirque du Soleil, and KPMG New Zealand.


CATS Software, Inc., is a privately held software company based in Minneapolis. It was founded in 2005 by a team of recruiters to serve recruiters and hiring managers. The software aims to make the process of staffing quick and easy by allowing users to spend less on screen time and more on important human interactions.

CATSone can be used by both recruiters and the HR staff of companies of any size in any industry. Depending on their role, some features will be useful for recruiters, such as client review, while other features are for HR, such as job approval and candidate approval. The software is used by more than 1,800 companies in 50 countries. These include Momentum Scientific Staffing, Master Technology Group, and PSR Associates.

Features comparison in Lever vs. CATSone:

Job posting and sourcing

Lever lets you create beautiful careers pages with a mobile-friendly application page. The job boards syndication feature lets you post jobs to multiple boards and reach candidates easily with one click. It integrates with Built In, Glassdoor, Google for Jobs, JobTarget, LinkedIn, and Seek. A Chrome extension is available to find and contact candidates across the web without switching apps. The software provides your own personal database where you can fill in new job requisitions quickly. You can view complete information on any candidate with a single historical record that includes previous email communication and a feedback summary.

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CATSone has a hosted career portal feature that is modern and friendly to candidates. They can upload their resume either from their computer or an online source like LinkedIn, Dropbox, or Google Drive. The portal is mobile friendly and accessible using any device. You can customize the job post to include specific question types that improve resume selection. The software integrates with many free and premium job boards including Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster, and Google for Jobs. A browser extension for Chrome and Firefox is available for candidate sourcing. The database has a powerful search function that surfaces candidates, jobs, contacts, and companies. It allows Boolean search terms and use of filters, which can be saved for reuse. It also has keyword search and highlight.

Calendars and interviews

Lever has a 2-way calendar sync to keep meetings on schedule. It integrates with Google and Office 365 calendar apps, as well as Clara Labs. You can schedule interviews with the software by letting candidates book 1:1 interviews based on both your availability. A smart screen also makes it easier to schedule complex panel interviews. The built-in to-do list lets you organize your daily tasks, such as reviewing a candidate, scheduling an interview, or leaving feedback. You can customize comprehensive interview kits to match your process. The kits let you collect all the information you need to make your decision data-driven and unbiased.

CATSone has automated tools that allow you to schedule calls, emails, and interviews. You can also collaborate with your colleagues by inviting them to any scheduled event. It works with calendar apps such as Google, Exchange, and Outlook. You can create events and the updates are synced automatically. Share a link with candidates, allow them to view your availability and book a time. To avoid getting overbooked, you can set a buffer time between meetings and set a minimum scheduling notice. You can also create interview kits to score candidates, while a summarized report helps you make hiring decisions easier.

Email integration

Lever integrates with G Suite, Office 365, Slack messaging, and Zoom video communication apps. You can add candidates seamlessly to a customized email campaign. The software gives recommendations of past and present candidates, and recommendations can be further expanded or narrowed down. You can send personalized emails on a schedule. Generate reports to see which sources are more successful than others. Hiring managers can review candidates, leave feedback, and approve job offers using their email.

CATSone works with Gmail, Exchange, and Outlook for 2-way email integration. You can track correspondence as well as statistics, and send personalized mass emails to candidates. Save templates and share them to colleagues. If you are a recruiting firm, you can send resumes to your client for approval, receive notes and approval, track pending reviews, and send reminder emails. If you are with HR, you can view resumes, make notes, and send a quick approval or decline response. Approvals workflows let you review and approve job positions before they are published.

Lever vs. CATSone — Are you ready to make your decision?

Lever is a complete recruiting platform and has additional products for more focused candidate relationship engagement and powerful reporting and analytics tools. For instance, it has core and advanced pre-built visual dashboards and custom reports to give you insights to boost your recruiting success. 

CATSone gives you more options for communicating with candidates, especially if you are in the US or Canada with its real-time SMS chat feature. Additionally, it has custom workflows that can help automate many of your processes.

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