Employee engagement is more than a number. But according to the O.C. Tanner Institute’s 2020 Global Culture Report, when a company focuses on improving their employee experience, they also see
  • 3x fewer layoffs
  • 2x more likely to increase revenue
  • 7x more likely to have innovative employees
An LMS is a perfect way to help positively guide an employee’s experiences in their work, their learning, and their career growth. This software can also produce valuable feedback and analytics for HR departments on individual employee goals and career aspirations. We’ve chosen the best learning management systems for employee engagement features, but these aren’t your only options. TechnologyAdvice can help you narrow your research to software that meets your needs. Click on the banner below to get your list of recommendations based on your feature requirements.  

The best learning management systems for employee engagement

We chose the best LMS tools based on features that promote real employee engagement and drive measurable value for the company. These features are
  1. Goals and objectives
  2. Microlearning
  3. Social learning
  4. Independent learning

Goals and objectives

From the moment an individual signs with your company, they should have clear objectives and goals to work toward. These goals should evolve with the employee as their skills improve and their role changes. A good LMS will give trainers and learners an opportunity to define
  • The purpose of the training
  • The employee’s reason for engagement in the exercise
  • Whether the learning helps them improve in a job skill, leadership skill, or another vital skill
  • Whether the learning gives them a path to career advancement or a lateral move
Setting goals and marking progress toward them helps HR understand where the individual is going and why they’re headed in that direction.

Best LMS for employee goal setting: eloomi

eloomi LMS for employee goal setting. eloomi is an employee experience platform that provides goal setting and appraisal throughout the employee lifecycle. Use the coaching tools to set short and long-term employee objectives, assign individualized learning outcomes, and follow up quickly. The conversational coaching keeps managers and their direct reports connected through shared content. eloomi also offers pre-made content in several business verticals to speed training, onboarding, and skills expansion. [get-pricing category=”HR Software” cta=”Get Pricing” width=”200px” url=”eloomi-reviews”][/get-pricing]


Modern learning experiences look much different than yesterday’s hours-long video courses. Small quizzes, mini-lessons, short 1-2 minute videos, and microblogs can help individuals learn in their downtime and between larger tasks during their day. Many microlearning tools in an LMS will prompt the learner to complete lessons throughout the day. This way individuals don’t have to set aside large chunks of time to devote to training. And most tools with microlearning are built for mobile access, letting employees access their training on their commute or in down time.

Best LMS for microlearning: Gnowbe

Gnowbe microlearning LMS.

Gnowbe provides product knowledge, onboarding, sales training, and compliance tools in a microlearning platform. Choose to include curated content from enterprise LMS tools or build your own training modules to get individuals up to speed quickly. The modern interface is soothing and easy to use, while valuable features like practical learning environments, gamification, and connections to over 200 business software tools make Gnowbe really useful.

Social learning

News feeds, comment sections, and status updates are all features that keep us hooked on our social media apps. Some LMS tools use these features to engage and deepen learning in a business context. Tools like comment sections and news feeds help individuals process their learning, post articles and videos they see out in the wild that will help others understand concepts, and bring learners together around critical conversations that deepen learning.

Best LMS for Social Learning: docebo

docebo social learning LMS. docebo LMS provides a platform for social learning that uses the 70-20-10 rule to prioritize learning experiences. Individual contributors can upload real-world learning, training, and ah-ha! moments in the form of videos or social posts. These are automatically tagged and searchable, and other users can view, like, and upvote the posts to share socially. The content is accessible through the docebo learning platform for individuals to search when they come across a problem, so individuals get real-world training when they experience difficulties, instead of waiting for a colleague or supervisor to give in-person instruction. [get-pricing category=”HR Software” cta=”Get Pricing” width=”200px” url=”docebo-learning-platform-reviews”][/get-pricing] Also Read: 4 Best of Breed HR Tools That Actually Work With Your Existing Software

Independent learning

Many of us think of an LMS in the traditional sense: a trainer produces hours upon hours of class notes, videos, and lessons to follow up with quizzes. HR, management teams, and trainers use these longer formats to deliver the most essential learning. While these professionals are probably not wrong about the core learning needs of their employees, many employees prefer to self-direct. Independent learning tools let learners drive their own curriculum, either based on pre-approved content or through a connected network of available learning content.

Best LMS for independent learning: Bridge

Bridge independent learning LMS. Bridge is an employee engagement and learning platform built to increase communication and learning at all levels of the company. The Bridge employee portal includes a to do list, goal progress, personal achievements, and a record of independent learning so they can take control of their own growth. They can also access assigned courses and additional training through a connection to the Lynda.com platform and other content partners. Managers have direct insight into the individual’s learning progress, can keep direct reports on track through 1-on-1 agenda items, and view where they should focus further training. And administrative teams can gain valuable feedback through company-wide analytics of skills learned and needed. [get-pricing category=”HR Software” cta=”Get Pricing” width=”200px” url=”bridge-learning-lms-reviews”][/get-pricing]

Choosing the best LMS for employee engagement

While these are the best LMS tools for employee engagement features, they may not be the right fit for your company’s needs. We can help you by pairing you with the best LMS for your feature requirements, company size, and budget. Visit our Learning Management Systems Product Selection Tool to get your custom recommendations.

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