Some vendors offer the latest human capital management (HCM) system, while others offer the most comprehensive human resource management software (HRMS). Whether an HCM or an HRMS, these multifunction tools have a similar purpose: to offer businesses of all sizes a modern HR solution. 

This solution includes core functionality like payroll, time and attendance, and benefits — the three traditional pillars of HR software — but also takes advantage of technology to allow for integration, as well as usability for a great user experience.

This Kronos vs. Vista HRMS article compares the two software on common core HR features to help you decide which solution best fits your needs. If you need a faster way, use our Product Selection Tool to get a short list of recommendations tailored to your requirements.


Kronos Inc., is a private software company based in Lowell, MA. It was founded in 1977 with a focus on helping organizations manage the workforce and continuously innovate as a company. In February 2020, the company, together with Ultimate Software, announced a merger agreement to form one of the biggest cloud HCM companies with over 12,000 employees worldwide and an enterprise value of $22 billion.

Kronos offers several products for businesses of all sizes. The Workforce Ready Suite combines workforce management and HCM in one integrated cloud solution. The Workforce Dimension Suite is a cloud-based workforce management product with embedded analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technology that can be easily integrated with other applications. Workforce Central Suite solutions are purpose-built for specific industries such as health systems, manufacturing, retail, government, distribution, and others.

Vista HRMS

Vista HRMS is a product of PDS, Inc., a privately held software company with head office in Blue Bell, PA. It was founded in 1974 with a mission to provide the most advanced payroll solution in the industry. For over 40 years, it has delivered award-winning on-premise and cloud software for small businesses, mid-sized businesses, and enterprises.

Vista is an integrated solution that can be deployed in phases. The business tool includes core human resources management features like payroll, time and attendance, and benefits. It also has tools for recruiting, reporting, analytics, and workflow management. Some of the industries that use the software are professional services, finance, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing.

Features comparison of Kronos vs Vista HRMS


Kronos payroll solutions simplify your payroll process by reducing the processing time while ensuring compliance. You can process on your own schedule and include any commissions and bonuses on top of the regular payroll runs. Kronos also allows you to complete as many payroll runs as needed. The integrated solution makes sure that payroll data is readily available through configurable standard and ad-hoc reports. You can sort, group, filter, or customize report content for any time period. Built-in tools make sure every paycheck is accurate while giving you insights for the following year’s budget planning.

You can also manage some common payroll tasks:

  • Modify deductions, earning codes, direct deposits, and tax jurisdictions
  • View and edit employee payroll information individually or by bulk simultaneously
  • Change rates
  • Process employee wage garnishments
  • Give employees on-demand payroll information access through mobile app or online self-service tools

Vista HRMS lets you run your payroll in-house with tools for complete administration, time collection, calendars, and autopay generation. You can calculate and create checks on demand. The software also has tools for tax maintenance service and dashboards to give you actionable analytics. The Vista payroll component allows you the following capabilities:

  • Wage attachment processing
  • Labor distribution and general ledger
  • Historical tracking
  • Self service for e-checks, e-W-2s, e-1095-Cs, and T4s
  • Standard reports and English-language query tool

Time and attendance

Kronos time and attendance lets you track employee time, attendance, and activity. Data gathered simultaneously allows you to enforce work and pay rules and manage exceptions. Workforce timekeeping has user-defined pay rules and simplified time card management. You can easily enforce absence-related policies complying to organization, state, and federal regulations. The software helps you confirm eligibility for different leave options or requirements based on vacation, sick time, and other criteria, and the tool automatically notifies employees when they exceed the threshold. It also automatically notifies managers if employees violate organization policies by capturing labor data from a wide range of sources such as devices and apps.

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Vista HRMS includes time and attendance features in its core system. Time entry is easy via online or mobile devices. You can also track time spent on tasks and projects. Details collected include time in and out by task, by project, or weekly. Attendance tracking is fully integrated with the computation of leave accruals and with payroll. Other features include unlimited labor levels and reporting. A separate cloud-based time and attendance tool is also available that provides enhanced features such as manager and employee dashboards, drag-and-drop visual resource scheduling, and geolocation/geofencing for employee punch in/out.


Kronos simplifies benefits administration with modern HR administration tools and employee self service. The software unburdens HR teams and ensures compliance to regulations such as ACA and COBRA. Automation features streamline the enrollment process, allowing you to manage billing and compliance requirements. Furthermore, the Kronos benefits feature is integrated with performance management and compensation management products, so you get an overall streamlined process and engaging experience accessible from mobile devices.

Vista HRMS provides complete benefits administration with enrollment management and employee communication features. It handles unlimited plans and coverage levels, automated eligibility, and housekeeping of valuations and premiums. It integrates with leave time and leave accrual tracking. The software comes with an enrollment wizard to simplify election, HIPAA reporting, mobile access for remote workers, and extensive processing tools for pension, open-enrollment, and complete ACA.

Choosing Kronos vs. Vista HRMS

Kronos offers modern cloud-based solutions that integrate workforce management and HCM features and can scale as you grow. But more than the capabilities of its products, it puts great value on employee engagement, which has a direct effect on productivity. As such, it also offers a customer success service that can help with different areas of implementation like onboarding, proactive advocacy, and availability of educational resources.

Vista HRMS is an end-to-end HR solution that offers the right combination of technology and functionality. Customization is made possible with the extensive use of stored procedures, while database-level security is achieved through industry-standard approaches. It also offers training through different product courses that gives you peace of mind when facing real-world situations.

Both Kronos and Vista HRMS offer free demo of their software. This can help you get a better feel which software you prefer to use. If you think that is not enough, however, we can help you find the right HR software quickly with our Product Selection Tool, without comparing hundreds of products to find the right set of features you need.