Finding the right people to work with is an important part of building your company — but it’s easier said than done. To complicate matters, there are seemingly endless options of ATS solutions to choose from.

Kronos Workforce Ready and CATS HR are two effective ATS solutions you should consider for your company. In this article, we’ll compare the applicant tracking features in Kronos Workforce Ready and CATS HR to help you determine which ATS is better for your company.

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Kronos vs. CATS HR: An overview

Kronos Workforce Ready was released in 2018 as a software suite with combined capabilities for workforce and human capital management. This system offers multiple capabilities to manage the tasks of the entire human resource department, including recruitment, payroll, benefits, attendance, and employee performance.

CATS, or Cognizo Applicant Tracking System, is an ATS solution built for recruitment. This ATS software has various functionalities to help make the recruitment process of a business run smoother and faster. Some of these features are hosted career portals, workflow automations, interview scorecards, and meeting schedulers.

Comparing features

While Kronos Workforce Ready has a broader scope of capabilities, that doesn’t automatically mean that its features are completely different from CATS HR. Both Kronos Workforce Ready and CATS HR have features for job site creation, candidate screening, and workflow automation.

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Job site creation

Kronos Workforce Ready lets you build a careers webpage where you can promote open positions. This also makes it easier for candidates to find jobs and submit applications. Applicants can upload resumes directly from their computer or LinkedIn account. Careers pages can display in applicants’ preferred language, and businesses can add personalized messages to guide applicants through the application process.

CATS HR offers a customizable career portal where applicants can submit resumes and check on their application status. Just like Kronos, applicants can upload resumes from a device or from an online source like Dropbox, LinkedIn, or Google Drive. Using the careers portal feature also helps your job postings rank in Google searches.

Candidate screening

Kronos Workforce Ready can help you narrow down your search for the best candidates through their pre-screening questions. Users can add questions to job applications, and the system auto-populates important details from submitted applications.

You can also pre-screen your applicants with CATS HR. This ATS lets you add pre-screening questions in the form of multiple choice, fill in the blank, or short answer to help you easily recognize ideal applicants. CATS HR offers a keyword search capability that scans every resume in the system to help you quickly find the most qualified candidates.

Automated communications

With Kronos Workforce Ready, you can automate communication with applicants every step of the way. One way to do this is through automatic notifications that can be sent to applicants once they’ve submitted their resume. Users can personalize these automated emails to match company voice and tone.

CATS HR lets you set automatic actions when certain changes in the recruitment process happen. For example, customized emails may be automatically sent to an applicant once they have passed the interview and when a job offer is ready for them. CATS automatically schedule new events, create new tasks, or send tailor-made emails whenever a status of an applicant changes.


Kronos Workforce Ready integrates with many software applications for different purposes such as payroll management, attendance tracking, cloud integration, background screening, employee scheduling, and accounting management. These integrations with Kronos Workforce Ready include:

  • Sage One
  • Clairiti
  • ExakTime
  • SurePayroll
  • iCIMS Recruit
  • Dell Boomi

CATS HR may be integrated with software and tools for communication, programming, screening, HR management, recruiting, and file management. Some of the integrations for CATS HR are:

  • Google Drive
  • Bamboo HR
  • Checkr
  • EmployeeReferrals
  • Gmail
  • WebHooks

Which ATS is right for you?

Since Kronos Workforce Ready is a workforce management software and human capital management solution in one, its capabilities might be too complicated for smaller businesses. But if you need a comprehensive solution that covers all your needs, from recruitment to payroll, then Kronos Workforce Ready will probably be the better choice.

However, small to mid-sized businesses may find CATS HR more appealing. Aside from offering more affordable plans, CATS HR takes less time to learn than Kronos Workforce Ready, particularly because it focuses on one area of the HR department: recruitment.

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