Finding the right people to hire plays a big role in achieving success for any business. Reputable applicant tracking systems (ATS) such as Jobvite and Recruiterbox can help you attract, engage, and finally make qualified individuals part of your company.

Jobvite is a leading ATS trusted by countless organizations from different industries, including healthcare, advertising, technology, and manufacturing. Recruiterbox is a renowned ATS used by different businesses from the computer software, healthcare, and education industries as well as non-profit organizations.

We will do a comparison between the main features of Jobvite and Recruiterbox to help you decide which software is better suited for your company.

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Jobvite vs. Recruiterbox: An overview

Jobvite is one of the most popular ATS today. It helps numerous companies like Logitech, TiVo, and Nortek find the best employees. Jobvite has a comprehensive set of features to facilitate the recruitment process from start to finish. These features include social recruiting and employee referrals, career sites, video interviewing, reporting, collaborative hiring, and campaign management. Jobvite has mid-range prices and is best for mid-sized businesses and large-scale enterprises.

Recruiterbox is a widely-used ATS that has also aided international companies such as AOL, Zomato, and Berlitz in finding and hiring credentialed individuals. This software has numerous significant ATS features such as resume management, mobile-friendly hosted careers site, collaborative recruiting, task management and delegation, and recruitment automation. It has mid-range pricing and is suitable for small, mid-sized, and large companies.

Comparing the features

Jobvite and Recruiterbox have features for interviewing, collaboration, and reporting.


Jobvite makes sure that every step of the entire interview process is hassle-free for both the interviewer and the candidate. The system has an advanced interview scheduling tool called the Smart Scheduler. The Smart Scheduler automatically chooses the best time for an interview based on the schedules of multiple interviewers in your company. Additionally, Jobvite has interview kits for the interview teams to learn best practices and collaborate. The software comes with evaluation forms that can be tailored to your specifications to capture all the relevant information about your candidates.

Recruiterbox also has an interview scheduling function that allows interviewers to arrange appointments with both candidates and team members without a constant exchange of emails or phone calls. The system has a streamlined scheduling capability that centralizes all phases of the hiring process, including the important task of interview scheduling. Team members can sync calendars to avoid scheduling conflicts. Recruiterbox has an organized collection of comments and evaluations from each team member interviewing the candidate.


Jobvite promotes team collaboration through the Mobile Hiring Team App. The app gets the entire hiring team on the same page. It also has a simple collaborative feed to easily share candidate profiles and solicit feedback (likes, comments) on the candidate. Jobvite has mobile evaluation forms to encourage interview team participation and provide candidate feedback quickly. Team members can communicate with in-app messaging from the software, too.

Recruiterbox provides a centralized location for team members to accumulate comments, ratings, or feedback on each candidate, eliminating the back and forth emails of comments. Team members can rate the candidate and add comments about candidate feedback for all team members involved to review, all within the software’s interface.


Jobvite lets users track and measure hiring success through reports. Generate status reports for your executives in a snap. Dive deeper into your data with more than 50 standard out-of-box reports like time-to-fill, bottleneck, and source performance. Create your own custom reports in a format that works best for you and that reflects how your team works using the system’s drag and drop functionality. Collaborate, distribute, and schedule reports so that everyone stays up-to-date.

Recruiterbox lets you generate a variety of reports by simply indicating the date range. Once the reports are built, they are automatically emailed to you, ready to be shared with the other recruiting team members. Users can create a source report that automates source-of-hire and source-of-resume to let teams visualize the quality of candidates coming from different sources. Source reports can be viewed in Recruiterbox in chart form or can be downloaded into a Microsoft Excel file. Customize resume and applicant tracking reports from the system’s Reports Section.


Jobvite has integrations with tools and applications for background checking, communication, social networking, talent acquisition, and behavioral assessment:

  • eSkill
  • Facebook
  • SkillSurvey
  • GoodHire
  • Slack

Recruiterbox can be integrated with applications for team communication, job posting, human resources, video interviewing, and personality testing:

  • TalentSorter
  • HarQen
  • BambooHR
  • ZipRecruiter
  • Slack

Making the right choice

Both Jobvite and Recruiterbox can add significant improvement to your recruitment process and make the entire hiring experience more convenient. In choosing the better fit for your organization, try to consider the specific needs of your business.

For example, if your business needs extensive and customized reports for particular aspects of recruitment, Jobvite won’t let you down. Jobvite has more robust reporting capabilities compared to Recruiterbox, including custom reports. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that custom reports won’t be as easy to create as pre-built reports. You can count on Recruiterbox, on the other hand, if what you want to create are simple and straightforward reports for your recruitment team. Recruiterbox has an array of ready-to-use report templates that you can utilize to display accurate data.

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