Applicant tracking systems (ATS) solutions such as Greenhouse ATS and Recruiterbox are essential if you want to find the most qualified individuals for your company and achieve success. In fact, more than 95% of the Fortune 500 companies use ATS for their recruitment process.

Greenhouse ATS and Recruiterbox are great ATS choices; both solutions are trusted by thousands of companies from various industries worldwide. Greenhouse has features for recruiting and onboarding newly-hired employees. Recruiterbox can improve every aspect of the recruitment process, from attracting talents to monitoring the effectiveness of hiring strategies.

We’ll compare the key features of Greenhouse ATS vs. Recruiterbox in this article to help you decide which one of these ATS solutions is better suited for your business.

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Greenhouse ATS vs. Recruiterbox: An overview

Greenhouse is one of the most widely-used ATS all over the world. This software is suited for any business, no matter the size. It has quote-based pricing that varies depending on your business size. Greenhouse ATS has features for automation, interviews, bulk communication, pipeline management, team collaboration, reporting and analytics, and mobile access.

Recruiterbox is an award-winning ATS software used by countless companies including businesses from the computer technology and health industries. This ATS is best for small to midsize businesses and has high-end pricing. Recruiterbox has features for applicant tracking, candidate sourcing, interview scheduling, offer management, collaborative hiring, reporting, and career site management.

Features comparison

Greenhouse ATS and Recruiterbox have features for interviewing, collaboration, and reporting.


Greenhouse reduces excessive email communications about interview scheduling by allowing candidates to self-schedule meeting times. Meaningful and fair interviews are also conducted using Greenhouse thanks to their interview kits and interview plans. The interview kits ensure that all questions are highly relevant for the role at hand so the interviewers are prepared and professional. Greenhouse’s interview plans make sure that candidate conversations are exciting, challenging, and interesting and that repetitive questions are avoided.

With Recruiterbox, interviews can be scheduled without the need for constant exchange of emails or phone calls. This ATS interview scheduling functionality allows the HR team members to arrange appointments with both candidates and team members. Team members can sync calendars avoiding scheduling conflicts and setting up interviews faster with long delays. Recruiterbox also has a centralized location for team members to accumulate comments, ratings, or feedback on each candidate, eliminating the back and forth emails of comments.


Greenhouse allows members of the hiring team to seamlessly collaborate with each other directly in the system. Users can use @mentions to call the attention of specific team members. The team also gets a streamlined view of the reviews and status for each of the candidates as Greenhouse has shared application reviews and job and offer approvals within the ATS.

Recruiterbox keeps everything organized throughout the application process. Aside from having comments, ratings, or feedback on each candidate in one place, this software lets you create and assign tasks for colleagues for different stages in the hiring process. With Recruiterbox, users can share candidate profiles with team members and collect notes and evaluations – all in one central location.


The reporting feature of Greenhouse assures that teams constantly improve their hiring process. The software aids in making data-driven decisions to easily measure the recruitment team’s work and find out what’s working best. Analyze and share more than 30 core reports for at-a-glance takeaways. Greenhouse reports can be connected to Google Sheets or business intelligence platforms. Analyze onboarding performance and understand how to improve.

Recruiterbox makes it easy to generate recruiting reports that answer your most challenging HR questions. Hiring teams can automate their source-of-hire and source-of-resume reports. Businesses can obtain a visual report of the quality of candidates coming from different sources, making it more convenient to plan future strategic HR goals. Recuiterbox reports can be downloaded into a Microsoft Excel file. Reports are generated by indicating the date range and emailed to users to be shared with the designated recruiting teams and hiring managers.


Greenhouse has native integrations with a variety of tools for team communication, payroll, business intelligence, HR management, and social networking:

  • Flock
  • Tableau
  • People
  • Zenefits
  • Facebook

Recruiterbox seamlessly integrates with applications for team communication, job posting, social networking, assessments, and interviewing:

  • HarQen
  • Twitter
  • Interview Mocha
  • ZipRecruiter
  • Slack

The ATS for your organization

Greenhouse and Recruiterbox have a lot to offer when it comes to recruitment. The better suited software for your organization will depend on the particular features more important to you.

Greenhouse is the better choice for you if you need members of your recruitment team to access the system even from outside the office. This software has mobile applications for iOS and Android devices that let users work anywhere they are. However, if you want better collaboration features, Recruiterbox has more capabilities. Not only can team members communicate with each other regarding candidates, they can also assign tasks from this ATS.

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