Applicant tracking systems (ATS) solutions, such as Greenhouse ATS and Breezy HR, are great options to consider if you’re looking for a software to help you find the best people to hire.

Greenhouse ATS is a recruiting and onboarding software that utilizes intelligent guidance to design and automate various aspects of hiring to win top talent. Breezy HR is a top-rated and leading visual recruiting and applicant tracking system that helps organizations modernize their hiring process.

We will compare the primary features of Greenhouse ATS and Breezy HR to help you discover how each software can improve your current hiring process. Use our Product Selection Tool to learn more about other reputable ATS solutions you can consider for your organization.

Greenhouse ATS vs. Breezy HR: An overview

Greenhouse ATS is a recruitment software that has earned numerous awards since it was first introduced in 2012. This software has helped countless businesses, such as Pinterest, Dropbox, and Cisco, find the most qualified candidates. Its main features include automated job approvals, tailored interview kits, job board syndication, automated social media posts, interview scheduling, dashboards, reports, offer and rejection letters, and mobile access. Greenhouse has average and quote-based rates. It is ideal for any business size.

Breezy HR is a cloud-based ATS software that has a drag-and-drop interface to aid companies in attracting and hiring great employees with minimal effort. Companies such as L’Oréal and Telus trust Breezy HR. Its key features include automated reference checking, branded career pages, candidate messaging, candidate tracking, customizable candidate scorecards, drag and drop pipeline, email read receipts, recruiting analytics, and mobile access. Breezy HR has a free version and offers low-end pricing. Like Greenhouse ATS, this software is suitable for all business sizes.

Features comparison

Greenhouse ATS and Breezy HR have features for interviews, reports, and mobile access.


The interviewing feature of Greenhouse ATS lets organizations create an engaging interview process and conduct an organized and elevated interview experience so the best candidates can be hired. The software comes with interview plans to ensure that candidate conversations are exciting, challenging, and interesting while avoiding repetitive questions. The system seamlessly integrates with video conferencing tools, like Spark Hire and Zoom, to make scheduling virtual interviews possible. Users can set interviews manually with the software, wherein they can add themselves to an interview, select a location, and an office. The user then has to send a separate interview confirmation email to the candidate for the interview.

Breezy HR provides instant access to all of the interviewers’ schedules so they can check team availability. Users can simply drag-and-drop interviews into available time slots and they’re ready to go. Accounts are integrated with their existing Google or Outlook calendar so everything is always in sync. Breezy HR has an interview self-scheduling feature to offer qualified candidates the opportunity to schedule at their convenience. The software also has interview guides to provide structure to the interview without taking away personalization. This ATS has a built-in Live Video Meetings feature that allows video interviews where the interview guides and scorecards are displayed on-screen for added guidance.


Greenhouse ATS gives hiring teams a holistic view of their hiring efforts through beautiful visualizations and a robust set of automated reporting tools. With the system, users can analyze and share over 30 pre-built reports that show crucial data including sourcing and pipeline. Reports can be connected to Google Sheets and seamlessly refreshed for easy analysis and collaboration. Greenhouse ATS has in-app dashboards for visibility into the most important recruitment tasks in one place. This ATS also has a report builder that helps with creating custom reports. The Greenhouse BI connector can connect Greenhouse data with business intelligence tools.

Breezy HR also offers reporting features to help hiring teams get actionable insight into their existing recruiting process to detect any room for improvement. The software has out-of-the-box reports for pipeline metrics, hiring funnels, sourcing data, and time to fill statistics. Breezy HR has compliance reports to track the EEOC and OFCCP data of businesses. For advanced reporting options, users get direct access to their recruiting data through Amazon Redshift.

Mobile access

Greenhouse ATS has mobile apps that give users the ability to hire from anywhere. The mobile application lets users carry out important hiring tasks such as provide interview feedback, access reports, or prepare for a meeting. The app gives hiring teams access to a summary of open roles, stages, and candidates. Users can also review applications and make approvals. Mobile interview prep kits, which include job details, interview questions, and candidate scorecards, are accessible from the Greenhouse mobile application. It lets users track candidate profiles and review upcoming interviews and outstanding scorecards. These mobile applications can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Breezy HR has mobile applications that allow hiring teams to work on the go. With the app, users can coordinate and schedule candidate interviews and conduct Zoom meetings. The mobile app lets hiring teams communicate with candidates via email and text messaging. Team members can discuss, score and vet candidates with the team. The mobile application lets users easily drag and drop candidates through the pipeline stages from apply to hire. Users get real-time notifications for new candidates, candidates messages, and relevant team discussions, too. Like the Greenhouse ATS app, this mobile application is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.


Greenhouse ATS has pre-built integrations with tools for team communication, file syncing, electronic signature, job posting, and business intelligence:

  • Slack
  • Dropbox Business
  • DocuSign
  • ZipRecruiter
  • Tableau

The integrations for Breezy HR include applications for cloud collaboration, web analytics, password management, time management, and access management:

  • Microsoft 365
  • Google Analytics
  • 1Password Business
  • Google Calendar
  • Okta

The ATS software for your needs

It’s undeniable that Greenhouse ATS and Breezy HR can improve the recruitment processes for any business. At the end of the day, it’s important to consider the features you want added for your hiring team in choosing the better software for your needs.

Greenhouse ATS is better for your business if you’re looking for a software with native capabilities for custom reporting. The report builder feature of Greenhouse ATS can come in handy in creating specific reports on important data. However, if you want the software with more interviewing functionalities, Breezy HR is the right choice. It has interview self-scheduling capability as well as a built-in live video meeting feature — no need for any third party video interviewing app.

If you’re still unconvinced, there are plenty of other software options for you. Use our Product Selection Tool to learn more about other trusted ATS solutions.