Applicant tracking solutions (ATS) like ClearCompany and Recruiterbox have the standard features any ATS software should have and more — both these solutions are award-winning.

ClearCompany is a web-based talent acquisition and talent management software that helps organizations with the whole hiring process from the applicant tracking to the full engagement. Recruiterbox is an ATS that helps businesses automate and streamline their recruiting process to overcome challenges and find the best people to join their team.

We’ll compare the main features of ClearCompany vs. Recruiterbox in this article to help you determine how each software can help improve your recruitment process.

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ClearCompany vs. Recruiterbox: What you need to know

ClearCompany is an automated, intuitive, and paperless talent management software founded in 2004. This software can perform the onboarding procedures seamlessly aligned with wide company goals and acquire access to approximately 160 million talent profiles. It has features for requisition templates and bulk emails, corporate site integration, mobile career sites, social sharing tools, referral management, and one-click background checks. ClearCompany is best for small to mid-sized businesses. This ATS offers average pricing.

Recruiterbox is an intuitive and customizable ATS that empowers companies to automate the end-to-end hiring process from posting a job to selecting the ideal candidate. Its features include job posting, interview scheduling, applicant tracking, candidate identification and sourcing, social recruitment, careers site management, and reporting. Like ClearCompany, Recruiterbox is designed for small to mid-sized organizations. This software has average pricing, too.

Features comparison

ClearCompany and Recruiterbox both have features for job advertisement, candidate sourcing, and interviews.

Job advertisement

ClearCompany promotes job openings from companies through job board management and discounted job posting to job boards. Companies can manage, streamline, and report on all of the recruiting channels. ClearCompany has partnerships with top premium job boards, so companies can purchase paid postings at a discounted rate. This software also provides branded career sites where businesses can feature all their job openings.

Recruiterbox makes it simple for companies to broadcast job openings. The software lets companies create a mobile-ready branded careers site where jobs can be organized in any order and categorize them by department and location. Job seekers can easily find the right position for them and apply directly from the site. Job postings become searchable with the jobs widget from Recruiterbox. This ATS uses one-click social buttons so jobs can be shared via email, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Additionally, visitors can sign up to receive email notifications via RSS feed when a new job opening is advertised. Jobs can be posted to leading free and paid job boards such as Indeed, Glassdoor, Stack Overflow, Snagajob, or ZipRecruiter directly from Recruiterbox.

Candidate sourcing

ClearCompany helps businesses take full advantage of their current candidate database to find and reconnect with past qualified candidates who could be qualified for new job openings. Hiring teams can set search parameters to find qualified candidates that match the skills, work experience, certifications, or location required. This ATS also uses passive candidate sourcing to reach more top talent and import social contact data directly into the ClearCompany system. The ATS makes it easier to source candidates from major websites with its integrated Chrome sourcing extension.

Recruiterbox sources candidates for businesses using referrals, external recruiters, and email forwarding. With this ATS, accepting referrals is made simple. Teams can keep track of the referral as well as the individual employees who referred them. Recruiterbox has partnerships with external recruiters to maximize hiring efforts in finding credentialed individuals. Also, if hiring teams have been collecting resumes in their inbox, they can simply forward the resumes to Recruiterbox, and the system will automatically create a candidate profile for each resume.


ClearCompany simplifies the interview process for the entire hiring team. The system lets users check everyone’s calendars at a glance and set interview lengths, formats, and participants. Send interview invitations, updates, and reminders directly from the ATS to keep candidates and interviewers on track and reduce excessive email communication. Hiring teams get the tools they need to ask the right questions with automatically customized questions for every role. ClearCompany has mobile recruiting capabilities that enables hiring managers to pull up interview guides, candidate information, and resumes right on their phones. Teams can customize scorecards and templates for each role or department, then easily collect consistent feedback on every candidate.

The ATS interview scheduling functionality of Recruiterbox allows users to arrange appointments with both candidates and team members without a constant exchange of emails or phone calls. The system centralizes all phases of the hiring process including the important task of interview scheduling. Team members can sync calendars avoiding scheduling conflicts and setting up interviews faster with long delays. Recruiterbox eliminates back and forth emails or comments by providing a centralized location for team members to accumulate comments, ratings, or feedback on each candidate.


ClearCompany integrates seamlessly with tools for assessment, background check, payroll and benefits, single sign on, and human capital management:

  • Berke Assessments
  • AccuTrace
  • ADP
  • OneLogin
  • Ceridian

Recruiterbox has native integrations with applications for team communication, assessment, talent acquisition, interviewing, and personality testing:

  • Slack
  • Interview Mocha
  • TurboHire
  • HarQen
  • TalentSorter

The final verdict

ClearCompany and Recruiterbox have the features and functionalities to help you find the best candidates for the job. The better ATS software between the two will be more compatible with your current recruitment processes.

For example, if your hiring process involves re-considering past candidates, ClearCompany is the better choice because its passive candidate sourcing feature can help you reconnect with previous candidates you haven’t hired yet. On the other hand, if you want to work with professional teams to extend your reach in finding talent, Recruiterbox can help you collaborate with external recruiters.

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