For several years now, businesses have reaped the benefits of good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. Business owners report higher revenue, better lead tracking, and customer nurturing processes, and more efficient time management. Sales people are empowered by having access to advanced visual reporting and full funnel views. If you have not adopted your own CRM yet, it is about time to start looking at the different CRM software options that are available in the market for you.

In this article, we will make a head-to-head comparison of two of the most popular CRM software packages today — Zoho CRM and Zendesk CRM. They will be compared based on their features, pricing, and integrations, among others. 

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Zoho CRM vs. Zendesk Sell: An overview

These two products are among the most popular choices of many business owners today. Let’s begin with having an overview of Zoho CRM and Zendesk Sell.

Zoho CRM is a product of Zoho. Headquartered in Hennai, India, it’s a software company that has more than 25 different software products, all of which integrate seamlessly with Zoho CRM. This means that this software brings ease of use and convenience to business processes. Its more than 10 million users prove that Zoho has some of the best B2B business solutions in the world. Moreover, Zoho CRM also easily integrates with other software and applications, which is one of its advantages.

Zendesk Sell was formerly Base and is a cloud-based sales productivity solution and CRM software intended for medium-sized and enterprise-sized businesses. It prides itself with offering industry-specific CRM solutions that cross various industries like solar, software, manufacturing, and medical services. Among the most important selling points of Zendesk Sell are its availability on the iOS and Android systems, offline access, and mobile reporting.

Zoho CRM vs. Zendesk Sell: Comparison of features

There are not a lot of CRM software products offering free trials. But, if there are, you should look more deeply into their features in order to avoid wasting time trying out different software products that do not meet your business’ requirements. Read on to find out the features of Zoho CRM and Zendesk Sell.

Zoho CRM divides its features into different categories. For this article, we will discuss some of the core features: analytics, pipeline management, sales force automation, omnichannel, and marketing automation.

  • Analytics: Analytics tools turn your business’s data into insights that are helpful in making sales forecasts. With these tools, you can create dashboards and build custom reports, as well as measure the success of every sales activity.
  • Pipeline Management: It is important for every business to be able to identify leads and not miss any of them. With Zoho CRM, you can score leads and assign them to Sales. It has extra features like account management, deal management, and contact management that enable salespeople to access important information about their customers.
  •  Sales force automation: With Sales force automation, you can free up a lot of time that sales teams spend on manual sales, marketing, and support functions. Zoho CRM automates these routine functions and lets you create optimized workflows to eliminate redundancies, minimize errors, and improve overall efficiency.
  • Omnichannel: This feature integrates data from across many customer channels, and lets you converse with your customers in real time. The tool notifies you when a prospect interacts with your product or brand in any way, including browsing your website, talking about it on social media, or reading an email.
  • Marketing automation: Marketing automation provides your salespeople with leads and helps them create campaigns and ads. As Zoho CRM seamlessly integrates with MailChimp, you can send emails and campaigns and even track them right in the CRM.

Zendesk Sell includes easy to use features that work for growing and medium-sized businesses. 

  • Email notification: Zendesk Sell notifies you through email when a prospect reads the email you sent. This helps sales teams reach out to a prospect at the right time.
  • Email tracking: Email tracking automates the logging and recording of your lead and contact-related emails. This covers emails sent to your Zendesk Sell user interface or directly to your inbox.
  • Mobile CRM: Because sales and marketing people are always on the go, a mobile CRM sends alerts to smartphone and tablets.
  • Email automation:This feature lets you save time by allowing you to save email templates on your Zendesk Sell, so you can easily create emails anytime.
  •  Activity reporting: This allows you access to reports that check key metrics to help your selling techniques improve. Among these metrics is email count.

Zoho CRM vs. Zendesk Sell: Comparison of prices

Which of the two software solutions offer the best value for your money? Let’s take a look.

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Zoho CRM has a 15-day free trial period. During this time, you can have access to its features without the use a credit card. Should you decide to subscribe at the end of the period, you can choose from its various plans: Starter, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. As the plan increases, more features and functionalities are added.

Zendesk Sell has an even better offer than Zoho CRM’s free trial period. It has four different versions and each has a free trial. So, you can try any of the versions free of charge before subscribing to them. These include Team, Professional, Enterprise, and Elite.

Zoho CRM vs. Zendesk Sell: Comparison of integrations

Integrations are an important aspect of any CRM software solution. Let’s see the integration capabilities of Zoho CRM and Zendesk Sell.

Zoho CRM, as already mentioned above, integrates with the other software products of the Zoho company. Aside from that, it also integrates with Google Calendar, Google Drive, Microsoft Outlook, Zapier, MailChimp, FreshBooks, DocuSign, and Gmail.

Zendesk Sell can also be integrated into different apps. It has more than 30 integrations which include PieSync, Trello, Slack, Launchcloud, MailChimp, Reply, Paycove, and QuickBooks.

Which is best for your business? 

Zoho CRM and Zendesk Sell are both great CRM solutions that help businesses in maintaining good customer relationships. Given the information above, you can see for yourself which of the two you believe is a good fit for your business.

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