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Which CRM is better for your business?

We compare the similarities and differences of Zoho vs. Salesflare

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) supports one of the most important elements of business: customers. It ensures they are satisfied with the services and products they receive and get assistance when they need it. Thanks to CRM software technology, numerous software solutions are available, helping businesses do this with ease. 

CRM software was patterned from the Rolodex, acting as a database of business and customer contacts. Through modernization, these software products have improved and can be used for customer service, sales, and marketing functions. Users can track lead scoring, sales activities, automatic updates to contact records, and email tracking within the software.

Let’s compare two popular CRM software choices: Zoho CRM vs. Salesflare. We’ll look at their features, prices, and integrations to see their suitability to your business. Our Product Selection Tool can provide you with 5 recommendations from our Technology Advisors that are tailored to your needs. It’s easy to use and takes less than five minutes.

Zoho CRM vs. Salesflare: An overview

Zoho CRM is one of more than 25 products of the software company Zoho. It is headquartered in Chennai, India and has offices around the world. The product identifies as a market-leading, cloud-based CRM software solution that is equipped with marketing automation, analytics, team collaboration, artificial intelligence, and pipeline management capabilities. It easily integrates with all other Zoho products, making it easy for its 10 million users to enjoy its features.

Salesflare offers a CRM system for B2B companies, which helps salespeople achieve more by doing less. Its features are wide, ranging from contacts management to pipeline management. The software automates the collection and storage processes of customer information, which cuts time spent on data entry by 70%.  Salesflare comes with collaboration features that allow users to share files, tasks, and conversations with their team. Setting up the software is easy, and it plays well with any current software ecosystem used by companies. Users can use the software wherever they are, thanks to its mobile version.

Zoho CRM vs. Salesflare: A comparison of features

Zoho CRM has three main features:

  • Analytics: Zoho CRM is equipped with analytical capabilities for forecasting and reporting purposes that are based on business insights data. It lets users build dashboards, custom reports, and sales forecasts while using the software. They can also segment their customers geographically to offer them more personalized and targeted services.
  • Pipeline management: With Zoho CRM, users can identify leads and establish their conversion potential as customers. They can be passed on to salespeople to make sure the pipeline is not congested. Pipeline management lets users access customer information through contacts management, account management, and deals management.
  • Marketing automation: It lets users automate their email campaigns through its integration with apps like MailChimp. Users can create new leads and run ad campaigns. Thanks to Zoho CRM’s integration with Google Ads, businesses can identify ad groups that convert to higher sales.

Other features of Zoho CRM include sales automation, reporting, contact management, and team collaboration.

Salesflare has the following features:

  • Sales force automation: Salesflare lets users store and open customer contacts and information. Through account management, they can track company-wide communication and access customer accounts. It provides a partner portal for collaboration on sales opportunities, training information, pricing, ordering, and quoting.
  • Marketing automation: This software has email marketing capabilities that allow users to send emails to contacts in bulk. They can use email templates, sign up forms, success rate reports, and social media integration. Its lead management feature provides a lead process that guides users.
  • Customer support: Salesflare lets users track customer help requests through its resolution process and provides a customer support portal where customers can conveniently get answers to questions. It allows them to post issues, place and track orders, and access information in the knowledge base. Customer service agents have all necessary information for handling customer issues.
  • Mobile and social: Salesflare lets different users collaborate and share information on the app. There are collaboration spaces where users can direct messages at specific groups.

Zoho CRM vs. Salesflare: A comparison of prices

Zoho CRM doesn’t provide pricing information publicly and requires interested parties to contact them directly for a quote. This ensures businesses get features and services that are tailored to their needs. It gives users a 15-day free trial without requiring a credit card.

Salesflare has one price model, which is charged on a per-user per-month basis. It offers a free trial to its users and can be used on any Windows device, web, and mobile gadget. Interested parties can contact the vendor directly to request a quote.

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Zoho CRM vs. Salesflare: A comparison of integrations

Zoho CRM easily integrates with software products and apps that businesses commonly use such as DocuSign, Gmail, FreshBooks, Zapier, MailChimp, QuickBooks, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and Google Drive.

Salesflare works with Gmail, Office 365, iCloud, Exchange, Zapier, and PieSync. With its REST API, development teams can start data exchange with Salesflare from their CRM and other customer-related systems.

Choose a CRM software solution that works

CRM software solutions are important tools for businesses, which is why making a wise choice is important. Consider getting a CRM solution that is easy to use and set up and has pipeline management functions to ensure fluid movement of leads. It is best to have customer support features to ensure customers have an effective way of reaching out to the company with their concerns. Make a wise choice as it can make or break your company’s success.

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