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Businesses today are dividing their limited time between maintaining a relationship with existing customers and looking for new leads. They stay up-to-date with the conversations with existing customers while continually seeking out new customers to drive growth. Process automation, insightful reports, and intuitive tools in a CRM software can give you and your sales team the needed time for customers and the edge against the competition.

CRM software evaluation is a great investment of time so you can get the right solution for your unique needs. Getting a deep understanding of your requirements is a good place to start. Software comparisons like this Zoho vs. Copper CRM can also provide information about common features and differences. We can help you find the right CRM quickly with our Product Selection Tool. Enter your requirements and budget to get a short list of recommendations. 


Zoho Corporation is a private software company founded in 1996. Its head office is currently in Pleasanton, CA, but the company has plans to move to Austin, TX. With 50 million users globally, Zoho has established offices and partners in several countries in North America, Asia-Pacific, Australia, the Middle East, and Europe. 

Zoho CRM was launched in 2005. It is one of the company’s best-selling apps. Sales teams are more productive and can engage customers more effectively with its tools and features. More than 150,000 businesses of all sizes in industries such as life sciences, financial services, real estate, and retail use the software to help grow their revenue.

Copper CRM

Copper, Inc. is a privately held software company founded in 2011. It is located in San Francisco, CA. Copper has attracted investors like Google Ventures and Norwest Venture Partners over the years to raise over $100 million to build a CRM specifically for G Suite.

Copper CRM lets you manage your contacts, leads, pipeline, email, and files in one place. If you are in your Gmail inbox, you can add leads, update deals, browse your emails, and create events in Google calendar easily without having to switch between apps. Businesses of all sizes grow their businesses with the help of the software in industries like agencies, consulting, technology, and real estate.

Features comparison of Zoho vs. Copper CRM

Sales management and automation

Zoho CRM allows you to generate leads easily with smart tools like web forms on your website and landing pages. It works with many popular content management systems like WordPress, Unbounce, and Joomla. You can also capture leads from social media and website visitors that you chat with. Moreover, you can:

  • Enrich leads with scoring rules
  • Distribute leads to teams automatically
  • Engage leads through multichannel communication
  • Convert leads to deals in one click
  • Get measurements with built-in, ready-to-use reports

Deal management tools in Zoho CRM give you a snapshot view of your deals in a single screen. You can also see what stage each deal is in and update it from the same view. Create quotes, compare deals with your competition, and track your pipeline — all from the same Deals module.

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As a CRM built for G Suite, Copper CRM lets you capture, nurture, and convert leads right from Gmail. You can also capture leads through your marketing campaigns, websites, or external lists that are imported into the software. Once in the system, the contact details, email history, and sales rep activity can be tracked in real time.  You can also:

  • Create different lead views
  • Build custom lists
  • Use premade templates
  • Send personalized email by bulk
  • Measure campaign ROI with ready-made reports and dashboards

Copper CRM allows you to capture leads from social media and forms. You can add and update lead information automatically from your Google Sheet. Opportunity management tools let you automatically update contact info, track emails, and log activity. A visual drag-and-drop pipeline gives you a clear view of your funnel and allows you to monitor the progress of your deals.

Contact management

You can communicate with your customers in several ways with Zoho CRM. The software lets you respond to customer tweets, chat with visitors, call prospects, and send emails using the same app. It also integrates with many help desk software options so you can link sales data with customer tickets and provide a consistent customer experience. You can segment notifications from your leads, prospects, and customers, and call them using native telephone integrations. You can also log meetings with customers with the mobile app.

Copper CRM’s contact management feature integrates into G Suite, so leads, prospects, and customers are automatically synced between all tools. When you update your contact’s information on Gmail, the CRM automatically updates and syncs both directions. You can add contacts in one click with the help of a powerful internal Copper search engine. Other valuable items available in the contact management tool are email history and pipeline details, both of which are useful to grow customer relationships. 

Reports and analytics

Zoho CRM analytics work across the software so you get actionable insights whether looking at leads, deals, activities, or emails. You can choose from a wide variety of standard reports or create your custom reports with different layouts, advanced filters, and visual charts. Other tools include anomaly detection, KPI monitoring, and visual pipelines. You also get an AI-powered sales assistant you can call or chat with.

Copper CRM lets you visualize your CRM data with dashboards and presentation-ready reports. It captures your sales pipeline and visualizes the data so you can quickly analyze where you have gaps, roadblocks, or potential wins. The data automation technology eliminates manual entry, so you can be sure the current state of your pipeline is accurately reflected. It has rep level dashboards, leaderboards, and reports that track performance. You can go deeper and get the complete picture by sales rep, team, and region.

Which suits your business better?

Zoho is an affordable CRM solution that has workflow automation for routine tasks so you and your sales team can spend more productive hours on leads and prospects. It integrates natively with dozens of other Zoho products as well as third-party apps like G Suite and Office 365. It has a limited free edition and offers a free trial for 15-days of its premium editions.

Copper CRM works best for SMBs that use G Suite as their office software. It has workflow automation that can help simplify sales processes. Aside from Google products, it also integrates with Zapier and Tray.io, with an Open API for custom integrations. A 14-day free trial is also available.

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