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'We compare features, integrations, and pricing of Zendesk Sell vs. Thryv.'

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Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps businesses manage and maintain relationships with existing and potential customers. By automating tasks, CRM systems minimize human errors and eliminate time-consuming tasks so users can focus on matters that require immediate attention. Such software brings together strategies, practices, and features like email tracking, lead and pipeline management, and automatic contact record updates into one platform. Users can gain productivity and efficiency, as well as improved customer retention and customer service relationships with CRM software.

CRM started out with products on physical servers and evolved into a cloud-based solution that comes with mobile integrations.

We compare two popular customer relationship management software: Zendesk Sell vs. Thryv. We’ll consider their features, integrations, and pricing models to determine the more suitable product for your business. Our Product Selection Tool is easy to use and offers 5 recommendations from our Technology Advisors. It’s fast and free.

Zendesk Sell vs. Thryv: An overview

Zendesk Sell is a web-based CRM software designed for mid-sized and enterprise businesses. It offers industry-specific solutions for various fields such as medical devices, solar, software, and manufacturing. Salespersons who want to organize contacts, calendar, and deals can use the software because it does not require extensive training. Zendesk Sell was formerly Base CRM. It continues to be an all-in-one sales automation solution for enhanced pipeline visibility, sales processes, and productivity. Use it to streamline workflows and address administrative issues with ease.

Thryv is an all-in-one, web-based CRM software designed to help small businesses perform essential functions. Use it for contact and social media management, boosting online listings and reputation, optimizing text and email messaging, appointment booking, and payment processing. Thryv helps businesses establish online presence through consistent business listings with more than 60 trusted sites. Businesses can monitor online ratings and reviews and respond to feedback in an instant. The software can be used to send estimates, customized quotes, and invoices to clients. It can assist in accepting payments via credit card.

A comparison of features

Zendesk Sell supports businesses by making CRM tasks easier:

·         Native dialer:

Use the native dialer to make calls by clicking on any phone number. Zendesk Sell can store call scripts and log and record all voice calls. It comes with text features to track calls and attaches text messages to lead, deal, and contact cards.

·         Insights and reporting:

Use Zendesk Sell to identify the deals that will most and least likely close. Managers have information on how touchpoints close deals, and sales reps are able to close more deals with the software.

·         Sales email intelligence:

Use Zendesk Sell’s email intelligence feature that tracks emails, provides key metrics reports, receives push notifications, and alerts users when prospects click on emails.

·         Lead capitalization:

Zendesk Sell has lead automation tools that integrate with other software to provide leads to sales teams.

Thryv understands the unique needs of every business and addresses those with its features:

·         Reputation management:

Use Thryv to manage and protect business online presence and reputation. Businesses can respond to questions and retrieve first-party reviews in one platform with ease.

·         Social media:

Thryv connects with various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, Instagram, and Facebook. Users can publish content like pre-built posts from one platform.

·         Customer communication:

The software offers one inbox where users can communicate with customers through email, text, and chat.

·         Document storing and sharing:

Use Thryv to declutter and manage files with ease. Businesses can request, share, and store documents with contacts securely.

·         Appointment booking:

Thryv comes with calendars that users can sync and schedule projects with. It has an optional booking and payment processing system to manage activities.

A comparison of prices

Zendesk Sell comes with a 4-tiered pricing model: Team, Professional, Enterprise, and Elite. The Team plan offers small teams with basic features such as basic sales reporting, public apps and integrations, customized sales pipelines, admin-only fields, and call recording. The Professional plan offers all Team features along with advanced call analytics, core API, Zapier integration, personalized bulk email, and unlimited email templates and custom fields. The Enterprise plan includes everything in the Professional plan — plus activity reports, up to two sales pipelines, task automation, product catalog, and deal and lead scoring. The Elite plan is complete with the Enterprise plan features — plus sync and search API, single sign on feature, sales insight reports, rep performance dashboard, and unlimited sales pipelines.

Every plan comes with a free trial and is charged on a per user, per month basis.

Thryve does not publicly provide pricing details. It’s a common practice among software vendors to ensure that all users get the features they need for the right price. Interested parties can contact the vendor directly for detailed product and pricing information.

A comparison of integrations

Zendesk Sell’s integrations make it the ideal CRM software for various business sizes:

·         Facebook

·         Microsoft Outlook

·         LinkedIn

·         G Suite

·         Dropbox

·         Xero

Thryv has integrations that make CRM processes less complicated:

·         LinkedIn

·         Twitter

·         Facebook

·         Instagram

·         Google

Takeaways: Zendesk Sell vs. Thryv

Customer relationship management software makes business processes easier. Both Zendesk Sell and Thryv come with lead management features and emphasize the role of social media platforms. However, it’s important to consider their differences when choosing your CRM software.

Startups can benefit from Zendesk Sell because it has a 4-tiered pricing plan that gives businesses more options. With a free trial for every plan, users can test the software before subscribing. However, in terms of online presence, Thryv’s reputation management feature is beneficial because it lets businesses retrieve feedback and respond to customer questions. It is helpful to startups that are building their name and reputation in the industry.

If you are running a mid-sized or large-sized business, then Zendesk Sell is beneficial because its report and insights feature helps sales reps identify deals that will most and least likely close. It saves time and effort so they can focus their attention on deals that will most likely close.

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CRM Resources Zendesk Sell vs. Thryv