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'We compare features, integrations, and pricing of Zendesk Sell vs. Nutshell.'

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Maintaining good relationships, sales processes, and sales management are key factors to a successful business. These tasks are easier with customer relationship management (CRM) software that automates CRM tasks and gives users time to deal with matters that require immediate attention. The software involves strategies, practices, and technologies for analyzing and managing customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. Aimed at improving customer retention and customer service relationships, CRM software acts as a customer and business contacts database at its core.

A good CRM software has the inherent ability to consolidate customer documents and information in one platform for ease of access and management.

We compare two popular customer relationship management software: Zendesk Sell vs. Nutshell. We’ll evaluate their features, integrations, and pricing models to help you choose the more suitable product for your business. Use our freeProduct Selection Tool and receive five recommendations from our Technology Advisors. It’s simple and doesn’t take more than five minutes.

Zendesk Sell vs. Nutshell: An overview

Zendesk Sell is an intuitive, cloud-based CRM platform designed for B2B and B2C sales professionals. Formerly Base CRM, it is an all-in-one sales automation solution for enhancing sales processes, pipeline visibility, and productivity by capturing and visualizing data. Zendesk Sell has an impressive dashboard layout and a user-friendly interface that makes the software easy to use. Its productivity tools alleviate administrative difficulties and streamline sales workflows. The software comes with sales tracking and contact and task management features.

Nutshell CRM is a web-based CRM software designed for converting leads into customers. It comes with tools such as team collaboration, performance tracking and reporting, contact assignment, pipeline management, and sales automation. Use it to simplify workflows, track potential leads, and automate processes. Nutshell CRM helps monitor deals, analyze metrics to drive sales, gauge sales performance, and pinpoint gaps in the pipeline. It conforms to the user’s chosen business model such as account, outbound or inbound, or relationship-based selling.

A comparison of features

Zendesk Sell is simple to use and helps sales reps successfully sell through its features:

·         Insights and reporting:

Zendesk Sell makes it easy to see which deals are most likely and least likely to close. Sales reps are able to close more deals and managers have information on how touchpoints are needed to close deals.

·         Native dialer:

Users can make calls by clicking any phone number using the native dialer. The software stores call scripts and logs and records all calls. Use the software’s text features for tracking and attaching all text messages to deal, lead, and contact cards.

·         Sales email intelligence:

Zendesk Sell comes with a sales email feature that tracks emails, alerts users when prospects click on an email, accesses key metrics reports, and receives push notifications. Users can log into the Zendesk Sell email on any mobile device thanks to the software’s mobile integrations.

·         Lead capitalization:

Use Zendesk Sell’s leading marketing automation tools that provide leads to sales teams through its integration with other software.

Nutshell CRM organizes its dashboard that acts as the software’s control hub. With its features, users can gain more productivity and efficiency on various CRM tasks.

·         Pipeline management:

There are four ways to view the pipeline on Nutshell CRM: map view, chart view, list view, and board view. Users can share deals with teammates in the way they want.

·         Sales automation:

Users can take advantage of Nutshell CRM’s unique sales process that guides them with the activities at every stage and eliminates time-wasting tasks. Receive specific actions that need to be done throughout the negotiation process.

·         Team collaboration:

Use Nutshell CRM to collaborate with the rest of the team conveniently. Users can include colleagues in conversations and see who is talking with whom.

·         Contact management:

Nutshell CRM lets users access all customer information in one platform including notes and conversations that are stored in the software.

·         Reporting:

The software is customizable and has an easy-to-use reporting functionality that allows business owners to see company performance. Presentation-ready charts are downloadable and snapshots are visible at various points for progress tracking.

A comparison of prices

Zendesk Sell comes with a 4-tiered pricing model: Team, Professional, Enterprise, and Elite. The Team plan has the basic features for small teams such as call recording, public apps and integrations, admin-only fields, basic sales reporting, and customized sales pipelines. The Professional plan includes everything in the Team plan along with core API, advanced call analytics, unlimited email templates and custom field, Zapier integration, and personalized bulk email. The Enterprise plan offers the Professional plan features — plus task automation, deal and lead scoring, product catalog, activity reports, and up to two sales pipelines. The Elite plan has everything in the Enterprise plan — plus unlimited sales pipelines, rep performance dashboard, single sign on feature, sync and search API, and sales insights reports.

All plans have a free trial and are charged on a per user, per month basis.

Nutshell has a 2-tiered pricing plan: Starter and Pro. Charged on a per user, per month basis, users can choose between monthly and annual billing. It offers a 14-day free trial to test the software before subscribing.

Comparison of integrations

Zendesk Sells integrates with other business applications and software to make CRM tasks simpler:

·         Dropbox

·         LinkedIn

·         Facebook

·         Microsoft Outlook

·         G Suite

·         Xero

Nutshell CRM’s integrations promote productivity and efficiency:

·         Zendesk

·         Zapier

·         Unbounce

·         Slack

·         RingCentral

·         Outlook

Takeaways: Zendesk Sell vs. Nutshell

Both Zendesk Sell and Nutshell CRM promote business productivity and efficiency through pipeline management, sales automation, and reporting. These software also offer multi-tiered pricing plans to afford options to different business sizes. Though Nutshell CRM has only two tiers, it comes with a 14-day free trial.

However, it is important to consider the software’s differences. Zendesk Sell’s emphasis on sales email intelligence is helpful to all business sizes. With its mobile integrations, sales reps can access emails on the go. They can immediately see if any lead has clicked on an email so they can follow up on them.

Startups can greatly benefit from Nutshell CRM’s sales automation feature that provides activities that need to be done throughout the negotiation. This helps increase the chances of closing more deals.

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CRM Resources Zendesk Sell vs. Nutshell