Finding the right CRM for your business can be a lot of work, considering that there are a lot of CRMs on the market today. If you have a small or medium-sized company, you’re probably already familiar with Pipedrive and Salesforce CRM. These CRMs are the more popular picks of companies that rely on customer management. While Pipedrive and Salesforce CRM have the same purpose of managing customer data, there are still a lot of features that you can explore from Pipedrive and Salesforce that can benefit your company. While their primary function is the same, there are still some notable differences in their features and integrations that you need to know. Use our Product Selection Tool to request a free shortlist of the best CRM software for your needs. In less than five minutes, we’ll match you with five CRM vendors we think you’ll love. In this article, we’re putting Pipedrive and Salesforce head-to-head in a CRM comparison. We’ll share the difference in their integrations and tools. If you don’t find Pipedrive or Salesforce attractive for your business, you can always check out our website for other CRM reviews.

Software features

Here are some features of Pipedrive and Salesforce CRM that might be the best fit for your business. Keep in mind that this list is not exclusive:  
Features             Salesforce             Pipedrive
Activity Tracking                    yes                   yes
Activity Management                    no                   yes
Ad Hoc Reporting                   yes                    no
Business Intelligence                   yes                    no
Calendar Management                    no                   yes
Workflow Management                   yes                   yes
Visual Analytics                    no                   yes
Third-party Integration                    no                   yes
Task Tracking                   yes                    no
Sales Analytics                   yes                   yes

Similar sales analytics

Running a business can be a hustle when it comes to gathering sales data in different departments. While writing data on spreadsheets is still relevant today, there are far better programs in the market that offer a better experience. Pipedrive and Salesforce CRM have similar sales analytic tools that can help you collect data faster. Also read: Insightly vs. Zoho: Which CRM is Best for Your Small Business? The Sales Analytics tools Salesforce provides is easy to navigate, and it offers accurate sales data for your company. The program uses learning algorithms that gathers data from every aspect of your business. It converts that data into a piece of reliable information. Pipedrive CRM, on the other hand, provides for improved functionality in delivering data to your company. It has an easy to use interface and less complicated integrations that work best for first-time users of CRMs. The data that Pipedrive CRM provides is clear and organized to be a one-stop-shop.

Activity tracking 

Collecting and storing client information is not the only thing that CRMs can do. One useful feature that corporations often abuse is the activity tracking feature. This feature lets you track the activities of your clients and stores them in your CRM database. This data can predict customer activities that are useful for future marketing. Pipedrive and Salesforce CRM can both track down useful customer data for your business. Pipedrive focuses more on sales companies when tracking down customer information, and it’s more organized thanks to the registration of customer data. The data they gather correlates with the optimal sales strategies for converting the contact. On the other hand, Salesforce CRM focuses more on organizing your customer’s database as well as your customer’s sales. One impressive feature that Salesforce has is that it keeps all of your customer’s information, profile, and activities in one place that’s easy to access. Salesforce’s activity tracking feature is a must-have if you’re planning on expanding your business in the future.

Available integrations 



What CRM should you choose? Salesforce or Pipedrive CRM?

If you’re undecided between these CRMs, we’ll help you decide which CRM should you choose. If you’re looking for a start-up CRM that’s easy to set-up and easy to use, we suggest that you try Pipedrive CRM. With Pipedrive’s easy to use features and integrations, any business will surely fit. If you’re looking for a sophisticated CRM that can do anything and everything for your business, then you might want to try Salesforce CRM. The integrations and features of Salesforce might be confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, everything will be a breeze. There are a lot more CRM’s in the market today than there were a few years ago. If you still feel like these CRM’s are not for you, we suggest that you check out the other CRM’s in the market. Want more CRM software options? Use our Product Selection Tool.