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Comparing Microsoft Dynamics vs. Salesflare CRM

We compare features, pricing, and integrations and Microsoft Dynamics and Salesflare CRM.

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Microsoft Dynamics vs. Salesflare

Microsoft Dynamics leads the CRM industry. It provides a platform and advanced technologies to help you simplify complex data and business processes to optimize performance and productivity. It is designed for small, medium, and large enterprises. 

Salesflare is not just another CRM on the block. It is a simple but powerful platform designed for small B2B businesses, offering full automation of data management and marketing and sales processes. It notifies you of the actions that need to be done and of the opportunities that await immediate action. 

Engaging with customers

Microsoft Dynamics offers real-time data and analytics, so you can engage with your customers more effectively and efficiently. This intelligent integration of data analytics into the CRM allows you to get to know your customers better, gain insights, and create ways to foster lasting relationships.  

It integrates AI-driven insights, customized dashboards, lead scoring, and customer data analytics, so you can ignite data-driven, targeted, omnichannel marketing campaigns. Since every process is automated, your sales staff can access customer information and data-driven insights, therefore, they can serve better and improve their performance. 

Salesflare organizes all the information and tools you need neatly in one place — customer data, communication timeline, files, and tasks. It lets you customize your sales funnel, view the tasks, search information, and get data-driven insights in the dashboard. 

Salesflare features email and web tracking tools to give you an overview of the customer’s interaction with your business. You can track down when, where, and how your customers digitally engage with you, whether through email, web pages, or social media. Data will be stored, categorized, and analyzed. Armed with customer information, you can follow up and respond based on the client’s actions and reactions. 

Collaborating with the team 

Working with a team is made even easier with Microsoft Dynamics as it integrates other Microsoft technologies and third-party platforms to give you more flexibility in work arrangements. Everyone in your team can access the dashboard and the tools wherever they are, whether in the office or on the go. 

With Salesflare, you can easily navigate the system. It’s designed to be simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use. But behind the user-friendly interface is a powerful platform. Salesflare provides tools for easy and efficient collaboration with your team. Your team can track down conversations and analyze the content so members can think of ways to follow up and engage the customer. 

Integrating with other tools and platforms

Microsoft Dynamics integrates Microsoft’s other data analytics and productivity technologies such as Power BI, Azure, and Office 365. You can also connect to third-party platforms and tools so your team becomes more productive. 

And with Salesflare’s native integrations and Zapier or PieSync, you can integrate with over a thousand tools, platforms (CRM and ERP), and productivity applications like Google Suite, Slack, Office 365, and Mailchimp. Plus, you can access the platform’s full functionality anytime, anywhere, and on any mobile device. It also provides a sidebar plugin so you can use Salesflare directly in your email inbox.     

Which best suits your business?

Salesflare promises automation of tasks and processes and synchronization and tracking of all your communications with clients. Its simplicity combined with powerful CRM technology is pretty impressive. And if you are a small enterprise selling business to business products and services, Salesflare might rightly fit your needs. 

But as an industry leader, Microsoft Dynamics offers more than what other CRM platforms can. It includes an enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform in the package. The software is designed not only for boosting your company’s marketing and sales operations but also for the other equally important components of the business. With Microsoft Dynamics, you can simplify the complex processes in every line of your business — sales, marketing, operations, commerce, service, and human resources. 

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CRM Resources Microsoft Dynamics vs. Salesflare