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QlikView vs. SAP Lumira

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We evaluate two popular BI software: QlikView vs SAP Lumira. We’ll compare their integrations, prices, and features to choose the more suitable business software. Our experienced Technology Advisors can give you five recommendations when you use our free Product Selection Tool. It’s easy to use and takes less than five minutes.

QlikView vs. SAP Lumira: An overview

QlikView is an analytics solution for developing highly-interactive, guided analytic dashboards and applications for all business sizes. It delivers insights to solve business challenges. The software consolidates complex data, provides real-time access to analytics, and simplifies data visualization. Thanks to QlikView, businesses improve internal communications and streamline workflows. Users have access to latest trends and can make enhanced business decisions using simplified data. Consolidate data from multiple sources while keeping tight security guidelines.

SAP Lumira is a business intelligence software that can be deployed in the cloud or on premise for all business sizes. It can be used by various roles such as BI administrators and managers, business analysts, and data designers. Use it for data visualization and interpretation by creating storyboards. Teams can visualize, collaborate, and analyze data on an in-memory server and create charts and infographics in the system. SAP Lumira goes beyond spreadsheets, basic data presentations, complicated queries, and complex reports.

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A comparison of features

QlikView is equipped with features to help businesses make sense of data:

  • Natural analytics and data discovery: The software uses natural search across all available data stored in the memory. Natural search means there are no predefined patterns, and the software searches for data in the most natural way. Users can easily discover and analyze data using QlikView apps that enable unrestricted data search.
  • Data collaboration and connectivity: QlikView’s Qlik Data Market lets users fetch data sets from different syndicated and public data sources. Users can access public data related to currencies, business demographics, population, and economic indicators.
  • Mobility and scalability: Use QlikView on both iOS and Android devices through QlikView servers. Mobile integrations improve with every QlikView version for great mobility, ease of access, and data analysis. Users can share reports on the go.
  • Social data discovery: QlikView lets users share individual data insights and reports within groups or to outside groups. Users can participate in live discussion sessions to ensure coordination in the direction of business profit and growth.
  • In-memory storage technology: QlikView loads data from different sources into the RAM system that users can retrieve anytime.
  • Collaboration: Share all insights and data visualizations with employees for real-time discussion. Data can be sent through the cloud or via enterprise server to make data more accessible.

SAP Lumira offers features for analyzing business data with ease:

  • Data security: Users can focus on business and customer relationships, while SAP Lumira ensures compliance and data security. The software offers an on-premise data center and security in the cloud where data is securely stored.
  • Analytics applications and dashboard creation: Develop mobile-ready and interactive dashboards for data collaboration and story-sharing.
  • Mobility: Users can connect to data anytime using mobile devices. SAP Lumira provides deeper data insights for informed, on-the-go decision making.

A comparison of prices

QlikView offers two editions: QlikView Personal and QlikView Enterprise. The QlikView Personal Edition comes with nearly full data access, app development capabilities, and manipulation. However, subscribers must be an authorized user. This edition is free with unlimited time validity and targets individual users. The QlikView Enterprise Edition has a full set of functionalities and capabilities for app management and data manipulation. Interested parties can contact the vendor directly to request a quote. Sales reps are ready to customize prices to meet your specific requirements.

Users can choose from SAP Lumira’s 2-tiered pricing plan: Free and Standard. The Free Plan is ideal for first-time users, individuals, and start-up companies and comes with basic features. The Standard Plan includes access to XLSX, SAP HANA, CSV files, and databases. It offers 1-GB of data storage per user, visualization with charts and maps, and manipulation of data.

A comparison of integrations

Use extensive APIs to integrate QlikView into your business system management software and applications. The software integrates with Salesforce.

SAP Lumira integrates with other apps from the SAP Business Suite such as SAP Risk Management, SAP Business Objects Analysis, and SAP Access Control.

Takeaways: QlikView vs. SAP Lumira

Both QlikView and SAP Lumira are excellent business intelligence software. They come with features for mobile data access, data collaboration, and security. However, there are differences that need to be considered when choosing your business’s BI software.

QlikView allows use of extensive APIs to integrate with other apps and software and with Salesforce — an advantage for individual users and start-up companies. This is better than SAP Lumira’s integrations that are limited to other apps in the SAP Business Suite.

SAP Lumira’s advantage is in having cloud and on-premise data center for data storage, which is beneficial to large companies that need special support for data security. QlikView’s advantage is in having natural search features for unbiased data search. 

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