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About QlikView

Founded in Sweden, QlikTech is a global leader in helping organizations utilize user-driven business intelligence. Through QlikView, the company’s signature business intelligence (BI) product, QlikTech focuses on harnessing data and transforming it into meaningful information for organizations in every industry. QlikTech is headquartered in Radnor, PA and boasts 1,700 employees worldwide.

QlikView helps business users understand their brand by consolidating complex data, simplifying data visualization, and providing real-time access to analytics. This improves internal communications and streamlines workflow. By helping business users uncover the latest trends, QlikView simplifies big data while enhancing the decision making process. IT professionals utilize the software to consolidate data from multiple sources, while maintaining strict data security guidelines. Business intelligence developers can create QlikView extensions, design business apps, and manage data definitions to meet their organizations specific needs. The software makes business intelligence easier for business users, IT professionals, and BI developers alike.

QlikView software serves nearly 30,000 clients in over 100 countries. HealthSouth utilizes QlikView to discover new information and data that helps them enhance their business planning and long-term strategy. By utilizing their analytics suite, HealthSouth experienced a 20% decrease in operating costs, 34% employee productivity increase, 16 % revenue increase, and a 23% increase in cash flow.

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