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About SAP Lumira

SAP Lumira, from SAP AG, a market leader in modern enterprise application software, is trusted by customers across the globe to unlock visual insights within their data. 

The SAP Lumira data discovery platform helps you with data storytelling, at at a price far less than you’d expect. Connect to and visualize nearly any type of business data, whether it resides in various formats of enterprise databases, the cloud, or locked into spreadsheets. You can combine, enrich, and visualize data to provide immediate insights. SAP Lumira lets you go beyond spreadsheets and basic data presentations — the self-service data discovery tool operates without predefined scripts, complicated queries, or complex reporting procedures. 

The National Football League (NFL) uses SAP products, including Lumira, to help deliver new statistics, better insights, and fact-based presentations for fantasy football players. Fantasy enthusiasts have a new star player; with help from SAP, the NFL is going deep into their data to provide users with more engaging experiences. The NFL now provides fantasy enthusiasts with performance unavailable on competing fantasy websites, and allows the league to run their fantasy games at high efficiency. 

We recommend SAP Lumira to any organization looking for a powerful, yet user-friendly data discovery and visualization tool, but especially those organizations already utilizing another SAP solution. 

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