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SAP Lumira

A self-service data visualization tool
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SAP LumiraProduct Overview

  1. About SAP Lumira
  2. Pros of SAP Lumira
  3. Cons of SAP Lumira
  4. Breakdown of core features

SAP Lumira product overview

SAP BusinessObjects Lumira, also known SAP Lumira, enables businesses and organizations to visualize business data via self-service and collect and analyze all relevant data with a single platform. No matter how large the data, SAP Lumira can coalesce it with ease and deliver presentations with predefined scripts and spreadsheets that tell the story of the organization.

SAP Lumira has been among the most popular SAP analytic solutions, and it integrates well with the rest of SAP productivity and BI suite. This eliminates the need for any third party software. SAP Lumira also protects the data it gathers as well as generating detailed, accurate reports.

Pros of SAP Lumira

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  • Business analytics
  • Continued product development / improvements
  • Data visualization
  • Historical snapshots
  • Real-time updates
  • Well organized

Cons of SAP Lumira

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  • Learning curve
  • Limited ability to manipulate data before reporting
  • Many commands make it difficult to determine source of errors

Breakdown of core features

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Data collection

SAP Lumira pulls data directly from a wide array of sources and then blends it together, removing the need to constantly check sources and classify data over and over. One of the primary functions is to allow businesses to coordinate data from a single module, usually with the click of just a few buttons.

Reduced preparation time

By reducing the number of clicks and source manipulation needed to run reports, SAP Lumira reduces the preparation time to produce complex data reports. Users can adjust the traditional framework with geographic information, merge data based on given attributes, set their own parameters, and apply sophisticated formulas without the need for any coding expertise.


SAP Lumira produces visualizations that are appealing as well as accurate. It comes with an array of unique analytic relationships and multiline charts to spot trends, as well as offering radars, tree maps, pies and bubble charts.

No IT team needed

SAP Lumira’s improved insights lead to improved productivity. Because it automates calculations and transformations without any need for coding knowledge, businesses do not have to depend on an IT team. It uses a single, IT-sanctioned security model to deliver data and reports.

Improving insight logically leads to improved productivity and business agility, creating a business environment where you no longer depend on your IT team. Automating calculations and transformations is now possible without coding knowledge, and there are no predefined functions for data discovery to follow. SAP Lumira detects and delivers information for good governance on a single, IT-sanctioned security model.

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Quick Facts

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    All Industries
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  • Data transformation
  • Data visualization
  • SAP HANA data discovery
  • Secure sharing
  • Self-service data access
  • Web/mobile support

Pricing Model

  • Standard Plan


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