When using any electronic device, you’re leaving a digital footprint — information about your location, browsing history, music preferences, shopping habits, food tastes, cultural background, and even political choices. Most of the time, in addition to the government, tech companies collect personal information, which is disturbing. But in the hands of responsible organizations, harnessing the power of data can transform businesses into a force for good in society. It is the key to building a brighter future.

Understanding data helps improve business processes, products, and services. Qlikview and MicroStrategy are two competing business intelligence platforms offering computational analytics for better data-informed business decisions.

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QlikView vs. MicroStrategy: An overview 

QlikView is an end-to-end analytics platform for data integration, user-driven business intelligence, and data visualization. It features a new generation of artificial intelligence called Associative Engine that combines various data sources to form associations and connections across your data. It was founded in 1993 in Lund, Sweden.

MicroStrategy is an open enterprise BI platform that features hyperintelligence analytics for data connectivity, discovery, visualization, and reporting. Founded in 1989, MicroStrategy is one of the pioneers and respected competitors of the BI and analytics industry. Its analytics and mobility platforms provide top-notch solutions for managing internal and external data.

Shareable interactive dashboards 

QlikView allows users to create and share interactive dashboards. It features robust data and visualization tools you can drag and drop to build custom analytics applications, smart visualizations, and extensions. You can also embed analytics for your daily workflows. It has an intuitive interface that makes data discovery simple, empowering everyday users to explore and dig deeper into the data for insights and better business decisions.

With MicroStrategy, you can customize the dashboard that contains all the powerful data tools you need for analytics and business intelligence. It employs the feature called “dossier”, or folder, that serves as a self-contained workspace — and it’s customizable to fit your style and preferences. Each workspace has an intuitive interface, and the built-in tools are easy to use so you can build and deploy applications quickly.

Personalizing data analytics 

QlikView has revolutionized the use of data with its intuitive visual discovery that puts data analytics in the hands of more people, even if they don’t have IT experience. Its platform lets you build interactive dashboards and analytics applications independent from stack technology. And it allows access to an array of data tools and applications for the specific needs of your organization.

MicroStrategy is an enterprise BI platform that provides personalized data through its dossier and modifiable visualizations, reports, and data insights. You can access its user-friendly data tools for discovery, visualization, wrangling, and advanced analytics on any device — desktop, mobile, or web browser. Everyone can experience data analytics regardless of technical expertise.

Artificial Intelligence and data analytics

QlikView features Associative Engine, augmented intelligence, and multi-cloud architecture that supports a full range of analytics applicability. It indexes relationships between data sets and creates in-context data insights. And it is fully scalable, empowering users by letting them explore data that can be deployed on-premise or in multi-cloud environments.

MicroStrategy combines sophisticated visualization tools and advanced analytics to connect users to data from various sources. It automates the preparation of complex data sets, transforms raw data for analytics, and helps build stunning visualization, generate reports, and share data-driven insights across the organization. You can also create impressive data dossiers.

Simplifying analytics for teams 

QlikView simplifies analytics as its AI-powered data engine collects and consolidates data from various sources for easy access in real time. It automates and streamlines processes from data gathering to data warehousing and data lake creation to speed up analytics and reduce errors. Users can then access data and collaborate on the use of data to enhance business decisions, processes, and products and services. It integrates third-party systems such as Qlik Sense, Tableau, PowerBI, Slack, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Office, and Python.

MicroStrategy brings analytics to people via its dossier, where teams can collaborate and interact with data. Members communicate in the dossier, which is accessible anytime and on any device by direct messages or feedback. It offers excellent mobility as you can use its code-free development tools to build applications that improve team productivity. And it offers 50+ big data integrations including Salesforce, DropBox, Hadoop, Google Analytics, Cloudera, Box, and Cisco Data Virtualization.

QlikView or MicroStrategy?

QlikView and MicroStrategy are scalable, have diverse applicability, and are user-friendly. Both platforms connect you to data from multiple sources and can process and deploy data in the cloud and on-premise. 

With QlikView, you can embed analytics apps into your workflow. It offers a unique way of discovering and transforming data by democratizing business intelligence, thereby creating a collaborative environment for people to explore and analyze data. 

MicroStrategy has more flexibility with self-service admin console and excellent mobility. Ultimately, the choice depends on your preferences and business requirements.

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