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Product Quick Facts

Industry Specialties
Retail and Wholesale
Works Best For
Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy, Inc. offers big data solutions designed to meet the needs of any industry, particularly the retail and wholesale niche. With over 300 built-in analytical functions, the platform is able to access data from any source, is certified to work with all major Hadoop distributions, and is the first SAP HANA certified business intelligence platform.

MicroStrategy’s big data solutions provide companies with the tools needed to perform powerful analytics in an efficient manner. The business intelligence (BI) program is user-friendly and allows access to data from multiple sources from one simple interface. The interface is capable of connecting with Hadoop, cloud-based data sources, data warehouses, and multi-dimensional sources. Their platform is also able to analyze sentient data from Facebook and Twitter. MicroStrategy’s big data solutions are designed to provide powerful data collection and analysis at every level. Their solution automates multi-pass SQL without the need for code or scripting languages, making setup and implementation seamless. The program appeals to large companies that need a reliable and secure method of data collection, along with analysis that can be visually represented and easily shared.

MicroStrategy’s big data solutions have been implemented by leading brands due to their scalability and advanced reporting features. One of the company’s satisfied customers, Paul Williams, Director of IT at Campbell Soup Company, was struggling to gain insights into the operation of multiple departments in a user-friendly way. He chose MicroStrategy’s big data solutions as a means of evaluating the company’s sales, finance, customer service and marketing applications. As a result of implementing MicroStrategy, Campbell Soup Company has been able to improve their services and enrich customer relationships.


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