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MicroStrategyProduct Overview

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MicroStrategy product overview

The MicroStrategy platform is a business intelligence (BI) software solution that provides integrated analytics, enterprise-grade security, and mobile utility that enables companies to analyze internal and external business data in order to make informed business decisions. Used by organizations around the world and offering advanced analytics with immense scalability, it allows businesses to access huge amounts of data stored across their companies for better insight into activity. The platform performs analytics on a wide range of data from sales figures to payroll data to inventory. This actionable data is key for making informed, smart business decisions.

Data is funneled both through the internet and mobile devices. The mobile intelligence platform allows businesses and organizations to build, deploy, and maintain mobile apps for a broad range of applications that include transactions, intelligence, and multimedia functions. MicroStrategy also provides a social intelligence platform to help companies leverage the power of social networks for marketing and e-commerce along with a suite of free consumer apps that tap into MicroStrategy’s enterprise technology.

MicroStrategy’s proprietary software can be implemented either as a cloud service or in the data centers of a company. The MicroStrategy Cloud platform combines MicroStrategy with third-party hardware and software that allows for cost-effective and fast development of hosted business intelligence, mobile, and social applications.

Pros of MicroStrategy

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  • Customizable
  • Dependable
  • Easy-to-export data
  • Filter based on data columns
  • Mobile user support
  • User-friendly interface

Cons of MicroStrategy

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  • Custom reports more difficult to create and schedule
  • More detailed functions are harder to master

Breakdown of core features

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MicroStrategy’s HyperIntelligence technology is built to deliver insights within seconds and with zero clicks. It embeds analytics, suggestions, and actions directly into the applications used by team members on a daily basis leading to increased productivity.


MicroStrategy is loaded with charts and interactive graphs and mapping for data exploration that make it easy to evaluate and interpret that data.


With MicroStrategy, businesses can build custom personalized dashboards and reports for every employee and deploy them via the web, desktop, tablet, or smartphone. MicroStrategy dashboards give real-time analytics, automated distribution and delivery, and custom branding. The dashboards can also be embedded into custom portals and other business applications.

Heterogenous Data Access

MicroStrategy offers native connectors and drivers to hundreds of data sources from personal spreadsheets to databases to other cloud applications such as Salesforce. Users can combine and evaluate data from across any of these sources without the need to enlist the help of IT.

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  • Advances and predictive analytics
  • Agile analytics
  • Big data solutions
  • Cloud
  • Enterprise reporting
  • High-performance BI
  • Mobile access
  • Real-time WYSIWYG report design
  • Scorecards and dashboards
  • Self-service analytics
  • Software as a Service (SaaS


  • Microsoft Office

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