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IBM Cognos vs. Dundas

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Data analytics has transformed our lives in a lot of ways in the last decade. Shopping behaviors, connecting with others, and content consumption are only some of the aspects of our lives that data has influenced.

To stay relevant and competitive, businesses — whether small, mid-sized, or large enterprises — need a highly reliable business intelligence (BI) and data analytics platform. IBM Cognos and Dundas BI are two excellent software options you can choose from.

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IBM Cognos vs. Dundas BI

An AI-powered self-service BI software, IBM Cognos is one of the leading names in the data analytics industry. It optimizes and harnesses the potential of machine learning in business intelligence, underpinning the entire process of data analytics — from data discovery to sharing of actionable insights across your organization.

Dundas BI is an enterprise data analytics and business intelligence software that features an embeddable platform with an array of built-in functionalities. It offers open integrations and open APIs for users to have full control of their data.

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Control over the data

IBM Cognos lets users control who can access dashboards, data, and reports to ensure security. Once they have access to the platform, users can customize dashboards, create visual analytics, and generate reports. They can dive deeper into the data with the assistance of artificial intelligence.

With Dundas BI, you gain full control of your data where you can prepare, explore, visualize, and generate reports and actionable insights. The platform lets you transform complex data into impressive dashboards, visual analytics, and reports — all customized to suit your requirements. It adapts to the user’s skills and its built-in functionality eliminates the need to use and login to multiple tools. You have everything data analytics under control in a single interface.

Dashboards, visuals, and reports

IBM Cognos delivers an intuitive and simple to navigate dashboard. Users can easily drag and drop data and AI-recommended visualization tools including graphs, lines, charts, and maps. You can create beautiful visuals with your data, tell stories, and share insights to help people in your organization with decision making.

Dundas BI comes with an impressive dashboard that’s intuitive and easy to use. It provides users with a range of layouts and visuals — including charts, graphs, and scorecards — to build dashboards, customize data, perform analysis, and discover fresh insights. The visualization tools are customizable — you can tweak them as you see fit, so there’s flexibility in creating your reports.

Self-service data analytics

IBM Cognos leaves every data analytics-related activity to artificial intelligence: discovery, analysis, visualization, reports, and data sharing. With Cognos Analytics, data preparation is faster as AI does the work, connecting and unifying data from multiple sources whether on-premise or in the cloud. It combines all your data into a single customizable module.

Dundas BI delivers a self-service business intelligence adjusted to the needs of an individual user for a personalized data analytics experience. You can create dashboards, run ad hoc queries, build reports and visuals, and dig deeper into the data with powerful visualization and analytics tools. It streamlines data flow, allowing you to drag and drop data files into the dashboard, interact with your data, perform analysis, and share insights quickly and easily.

Flexibility, collaboration, integration

IBM Cognos supports multiple environments and deploys data on-premise, in public and private clouds, or on IBM Cloud Pak™ for Data. Users can access dashboards and data on any device anytime, anywhere. They can also share the same visuals over email or Slack. Cognos Analytics integrates technologies and platforms within the IBM ecosystem, and it also offers open API integrations, which makes team collaboration easy and flexible.

With Dundas BI, collaborating with individuals and teams across your organization goes smoothly. Its agile data flow allows each user to customize their dashboards according to their preferences. You can assign dedicated data sets for specific dashboards. Any user-generated content within your digital ecosystem is shareable and reusable. Dundas BI employs HTML5 and fully open APIs, which empower you and your team to have more control over your data. You can integrate and embed other applications, platforms, and productivity tools for easy collaboration and flexibility.

Which BI platform suits your business best?

The answer rests on your preferences and business requirements. Both platforms offer quality conventional business intelligence and analytics solutions, and they’re scalable. Their major difference lies in the role of users in controlling data. With Dundas BI, you have full control over your data, while IBM Cognos is AI-reliant.

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Business Intelligence Resources IBM Cognos vs. Dundas BI