June 5, 2019

4 Affordable Trello Alternatives To Take Your Project Management Game To The Next Level

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Quick summary:

  • Trello is a popular project management tool that uses agile methodology boards to keep you organized.
  • If you need more functionality and insight from your project management tool, you might also consider Asana, Basecamp, Wrike, and Jira Core (click to jump).

People use Trello for everything from agile software development to managing content calendars to planning weddings. Trello is fantastic for straightforward, ongoing projects, but for larger, more complex projects, it can be difficult and frustrating to use.

But the project management software market is bursting at the seams with great tools, so why tie yourself to Trello if your needs have evolved? This article examines four Trello alternatives that offer more powerful and nuanced features for a comparable price.

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Asana lets you view project tasks in Kanban boards.

If you’re fond of the Kanban-style boards found in Trello, you won’t sacrifice anything by switching to Asana. Depending on the plan you choose, you can also view projects in a list and calendar view, see progress on multiple projects at once with the Portfolios feature, make tasks dependent on others, add custom fields, and more. With pricing comparable to Trello, Asana is a great choice if you need more visibility across multiple different projects.

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Basecamp organizes projects into groups called Camps.

Don’t let the higher price tag scare you—Basecamp offers many of the same features you’ll find in Trello and Asana in addition to other features found in Slack, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Instead of switching between Boards as you do in Trello, Basecamp lets you organize projects, documents, and chat rooms into Camps. You can also send team members automated pulse checks to reduce time spent in weekly meetings. Considering Basecamp’s functionality, its flat pricing model is attractive compared to paying by the user for multiple different tools that don’t offer as many features.

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To add a new user in Wrike, click "Add Users," enter their email addresses, assign their roles, and click "Invite users" to finalize the invitation.

Wrike is the market leader when it comes to project management software. As with any project management tool, features vary depending on which plan you select, but every plan lets you view tasks in Kanban boards, manage tasks, share and store files, and view projects as spreadsheets. With some of the more feature-rich plans, you can also view projects as Gantt charts, connect to Salesforce, create and share dashboards, and increase security with features like two-factor authentication and password policies.

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Jira Core

Homepage in JIRA gives you a high-level overview of all your projects, team member bandwidth, and more.

Most people know Jira as a tool for agile software developers, but Jira has added on other project management tools in the past several years that anyone can use. Of the various different Jira products, Jira Core is the best tool to use for project management. Paying homage to its agile software beginnings, tasks in Jira Core are called “issues,” and you can view project status in Agile Boards (Kanban boards), summary lists, and dashboards. Jira Core also lets you filter issues by a number of different criteria so you can see projects how you want to see them.

Plus, Jira is built by Atlassian, the same folks behind Trello. If you’re comfortable with Trello’s interface and worried about switching to a new one, you’ll find Jira Core’s user experience (UX) to be quite similar.

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