February 11, 2021

5 Task Management Software Benefits Managers Will Love

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Task management software has the intended benefit of keeping people organized and informed about their outstanding tasks. But a good task management tool will also provide benefits to teams and wider organizations. Read on for our top 5 benefits you can gather from your task management software, or go directly to the task management software Product Selection Tool to start researching your newest tool.

1. Oversight and trust

When teams track their tasks in a task management software, they provide visibility into their day to day work that helps to build trust among the organization without micromanagement. This is especially true when teams can view individual progress and participation toward completion of projects in dashboards. Team members are free to produce work on their own schedule without checking in with their managers at every turn, but managers also feel informed.

Build trust in your team with these task management tools:

2. More working memory

Just trying to keep all of your tasks in your brain at one time can take up a lot of working memory, which makes it more difficult to complete complex tasks. Users of task management software can download their to do list into the tools, gaining back some of their working memory. Tools like this help people focus on difficult problems.

Gain back your focus and deep work time with these task management software options:

3. Process improvement

Task management software can quickly show teams where the bottlenecks and slowdowns happen in their processes. Do all of the approvals pile up on one manager’s desk? The team can quickly identify the problem and find a better solution. Process improvements like this happen because tasks and processes are documented within the software and a record of the progress is visible to the whole team.

Improve how your team uses their time with these task management tools:

4. Time savings

People and teams save time with task management software in a couple of ways:

  • Tasks are recorded, so they can’t be forgotten
  • Prioritization can happen well in advance to ensure that the most important work gets done
  • Managers and stakeholders can view progress and ask for status updates within the tool, keeping team members focused on their tasks
  • Alerts and notifications surface upcoming due dates and necessary approvals
  • Bottlenecks and repetitive tasks are eliminated through oversight

Task management software has inherent organizational properties that keep teams on task and drive productivity throughout the company.

Save time and energy by tracking tasks in these task management solutions:

  • Jira
  • Todoist
  • Quire

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5. Flexibility

While task management software can be as simple as a checklist, many tools also have built-in flexibility to scale with companies and visualize data in many different ways. Individuals can use the tools to organize their work days or collaborate with their colleagues. They can build personal boards that help them remember to pick up bread after work or use the tools to create repeating processes that produce highly technical products.

Provide flexible work experiences in these task management tools:

Speed up your task management software research

Knowing how the software will help you is the first step in your research process. We can help you choose the right software to realize those benefits. Use our task management software product selection tool, or call us at 877.702.2082. Our unbiased Technology Advisors will help you find the perfect task management software for your feature requirements.

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