April 1, 2016

Infographic: What Buyers Want from CRM Software

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Customer relationship management technology isn’t new. Companies have been using computers to manage customer relationships since software ran on mainframes.

But this near-ubiquitous software is changing: new technologies, communication channels, and higher expectations mean many companies are switching or upgrading. Furthermore, the rise of cloud-computing and fall of technology prices is democratizing CRM software to the point that even the smallest of small businesses is now buying it to help grow and retain their customer base. 

Here at TechnologyAdvice, we connect buyers and sellers of business technology. What does that mean?

For the majority of our audience — technology buyers — it means we help them pick software and/or hardware solutions to help them grow their business. Our expert Technology Advisors listen to their wants, needs, and challenges and help them come to a decision — all at no cost.

At the beginning of that process is our Product Selection Tool, the  filtering engine we use to help buyers narrow their list of options. After a few questions, we reduce the vast software landscape to a more manageable list. As a byproduct, we gather a great deal of information on what buyers are looking for. Using this data helps us uncover trends in the marketplace that further educate buyers and sellers.

The infographic below summarizes our findings about the most requested CRM features and buying trends. 

infographic top crm features

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