July 28, 2021

All Your Accounting Needs at Your Fingertips: Mobile Accounting Apps

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What is a mobile accounting app?

Mobile accounting apps have made it even easier to oversee cash flow, invoicing, payroll, and more at any time, anywhere, and from multiple devices. A mobile accounting app is a portal to your financial records in the cloud that you can access while away from your computer or laptop. It is not on a local hard drive, though it can be linked to a desktop application. Increasingly, though, companies prefer cloud technology, as it makes the most up-to-date information accessible via Wi-Fi or mobile data on phones and tablets. Not all mobile accounting apps are equal. There are varying layers of complexity, depending on the scope and depth of your business’s accounting needs.

Striven: best for a good value

Striven is a cloud-based mobile accounting app that starts at $99/month. It features social media as well as calendar integration and is suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. It includes technical support access. Striven also offers a free trial.

FreshBooks: best for keeping accounting light and nimble

FreshBooks is a web-based software starting at just $6/month, but you can scale up to add features that you need for your company. FreshBooks offers a lot of automation capability and is geared towards small businesses. It integrates well with other services, such as PayPal. You can learn more about FreshBooks here and how it stacks up against QuickBooks.

QuickBooks: best for accounting how you want it

QuickBooks Online by Intuit is one of three versions of Intuit’s software. QuickBooks Online is most customizable and therefore applicable to different sizes and types of businesses. You can learn more about QuickBooks Online and some of the other QuickBooks products here.

BQE Core Suite: best for accounting business intelligence

BQE Core Suite starts at just $7.95/month and features a comprehensive package of functions that allow you to make quick, informed decisions. There are different pricing tiers available (monthly, quarterly, and annual plans). BQE Core Suite works well for a variety of companies and industries.

Sage Intacct: best for subscription options

Sage Intacct, pricing is determined upon consultation, best for small to mid-sized businesses, automation abilities, features API integration. With Sage Intacct, you can start out small with the core services but add on as needed. This app can grow as your business does. The scalability of this app contrasts with a comprehensive package like NetSuite. Here’s a comparison between Sage Intacct and NetSuite.

NetSuite: best all-in-one

NetSuite, starting at $499/month, is a cloud-based ERP software that gives you comprehensive visibility over a wide-range of company functions, automates processes for you, and shows data in real-time. It is suitable for businesses of various sizes and various industries. Learn more about NetSuite’s accounting software solutions.

Please note: Unmarked boxes in the chart below do not necessarily mean that this service is not covered under any given software. It only means that no explicit mention of that service was found in our research. An advisor at TechnologyAdvice can provide any details you might be looking for in any of the software products listed here.

  Transaction Management Payroll Management Billing & Invoicing Inventory Management Scheduling & Time Tracking
Netsuite Yes No No Yes Yes
Striven No Yes No Yes Yes
Sage Intacct Yes No Yes Yes No
FreshBooks Yes No Yes No Yes
Quickbooks Online Yes Yes Yes No No
BQE Code Yes No Yes No Yes

Important features to consider

Transaction/receipt management

Does the mobile app allow you to easily scan, upload, and track receipts?

Payroll management

Easily send checks to your employees. This feature should also include state and federal tax regulations, depending on your business location(s).

Billing and Invoicing

With the app, can you track when invoices are sent and when they are paid? How easy to use are these features? And does the app provide notifications upon payment?


Given each app’s varying capabilities, price ranges can differ significantly. Depending on your business’s needs, it may be worth it to invest more in your mobile accounting app.

Wide applicability

Some apps are geared towards small- to mid-sized businesses, while others can be used for businesses of different sizes, types, and industries. Do you want something tailored to your specific industry or something more comprehensive?

Database access

Some mobile apps keep a log of past transactions that you may want to be able to access.

Inventory Management

This feature gives you an overview of the in- and outflow of goods, according to sales and deliveries.

Scheduling and Time Tracking

With this feature, a mobile accounting app will keep you on top of your workflow, supply chain, and deadlines. It will also track how much time is spent on a particular task and show potential inefficiencies in the workflow.

Choosing the best mobile accounting app

There are a lot of mobile accounting apps to choose from. The ones mentioned here are just a fraction of what’s out there. Advisors at TechnologyAdvice are ready to assist you in making an informed decision about which mobile accounting app is right for your business. Get in touch with one of our helpful advisors!

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With Deel, you can hire and onboard any type of employee, compliantly, in 150+ countries in minutes. You can run payroll in 100+ countries and all 50 states in a click of a button. You can offer competitive benefits, equity, manage equipment and more.

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