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Lans Sloan's primary writing focus is articles about technology, blogging, and healthcare, yet he is always open to other areas of writing. He is adept at meticulously researching any topic given and works to produce original yet engaging prose for his readers. He is known for his straight-talking, his ability to extract the essence of a story, and for crafting content that simplifies user journeys.

Qualitative vs Quantitative Data: Analysis and Reporting Differences

Quantitative data can be measured, while qualitative data is more conceptual. Explore qualitative vs. quantitative data...

Document Management System & Software

Any business that handles digital data should be familiar with document management systems. Businesses of all sizes use document management system software to manage their digital files, spreadsheets, and documents. These tools are available as both a product...

Choosing the Right Containerization: 10 Alternatives to Docker

What is Docker? Docker is the most popular software solution for containerization and container management for developing applications. It’s used by a wide range of businesses from major corporations to start-ups and mobile centric platforms. It’s...
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