At the surface, project management seems easy. But if you dive deeper into the details, the processes and tasks are like interconnected webs, which can be overwhelming. Making mistakes can be translated into a waste of time, effort, and resources. Therefore, you need a tool: a platform that adapts to the changing needs of your organization. WorkOtter and AchieveIt are two such software platforms that offer project and resource management solutions.

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WorkOtter vs. AchieveIt: An overview

WorkOtter is a cloud-based platform that offers advanced solutions for your resource, project, and portfolio management needs. Founded in 1998, WorkOtter understood the power of simplicity in its platform as it delivers a visual dashboard with an intuitive user interface that makes the work easy.

AchieveIt is a cloud-based, strategic planning solutions platform that enables you to have visibility and accountability in making business strategy into reality. It features advanced tools to manage projects, administer resources, and keep your team engaged in accomplishing your company’s goals.

Management and analytics

WorkOtter offers project management tools that help you balance priorities, optimize resources, and maximize team output. It has a ‘What-If Scenario Planning’ feature that takes advantage of advanced business intelligence in analyzing data, understanding trends, and gaining actionable insights. It also provides pre-configured dashboards and reports that you can modify to fit your needs and preferences. And you can take advantage of its out-of-the-box tools and custom metrics for running your reports.

With AchieveIt, you can view multiple programs and initiatives at once in real time. It lets you see the details of every level of the project. The platform is easy to use. It simplifies processes, automates data collection, and organizes all information in one place. So, it’s easier to track projects against costs, monitor tasks, collaborate with teams, and access data for informed business decisions.

Platform customization 

WorkOtter provides advanced monitoring tools for programs, initiatives, and execution of strategy, allowing you to align resources for better optimization toward achieving your goals. It integrates KPIs in its reporting tools and dashboards that you can customize. It also streamlines and standardizes core processes to make it lightweight, lean, and easy to use.

AchieveIt offers a customizable platform that helps you streamline processes and automate tasks. Its dashboard is packed with management, analytics, and communication tools that you can access and use with ease and flexibility. It allows the sharing of information with your team, and you can hold everyone accountable. The platform unifies plans and projects or initiatives with its advanced features, which you can modify.  

Project management in action

WorkOtter consolidates multiple plans to manage the execution of your project better. You can view all programs in one place, which makes it simpler to make decisions. Processes are streamlined, and it allows you to capture requests, set priorities, and perform project assessments faster. You can also forecast supply and demand to manage your resources more effectively, letting you balance the load of your staff and assign tasks that fit their skills. 

WorkOtter simplifies everything from project planning to tracking tasks to monitoring milestones and managing deliverables. And it keeps your team on budget through its time, expense, and budget tracking tools that help you spend strategically. 

AchieveIt offers a single platform for planning, executing, and tracking projects, allowing you to manage multiple plans and projects at the same time. It provides advanced reporting tools combined with analytics, project management, and strategic planning, so you can view and have an in-depth understanding of the status of your initiatives. Its integrated plan management tools help you strategize, execute, and align work with the overall business strategy. 

Which platform fits you better?

Both WorkOtter and AchieveIt offer advanced project and resource management solutions. Depending on your needs, either of the two is a solid choice.

WorkOtter has been providing project and portfolio management solutions since 1998. It is well-suited to project management, IT, marketing, and HR teams across a range of industries: from agencies to education to manufacturing, healthcare, and government. Its main advantage is simplicity. 

However, AchieveIt offers a comprehensive solution and action-oriented approach to management, integrating analytics with project planning and execution. And it is scalable, fitting any type and size of business.   

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