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To stay competitive in a fast-changing business environment requires more than talent and skill. It takes the right tools — the technologies designed to make more with less. Smartsheet and are two such software platforms developed to enhance productivity and team collaboration.  

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Smartsheet vs. 

An online productivity and collaboration software, Smartsheet delivers a dynamic, spreadsheet-like project management platform. It is designed for any size of business across industries, helping you to manage various types of projects, monitor tasks and activities, and track all communications and customer data. More than 40,000 businesses in over 160 countries use the platform.

A cloud-based project management software, helps teams to quickly build workflows. It allows users to customize the platform to fit their preferences and work style. has more than 100,000 companies around the world using its platform.

Customizing and adjusting the platform

Smartsheet offers a spreadsheet-like, intuitive, and easy-to-use workspace that contains all the tools you need for managing projects and all types of work data. It allows full customization of its tools, letting you use its existing templates and customizing them to your needs for fast action and flexibility. With Smartsheet, you can visualize complex data, monitor your project’s tasks and progress, track budget and expenses, analyze costs, and assess your team’s performance. features a fully customizable board that allows you to create workflows code-free and simplify complex processes for your projects and daily tasks. The platform adapts to your team’s needs in a fast-changing environment. You can choose customizable workflow templates from the library and tweak them to fit your needs. It delivers a simple, intuitive dashboard that lets you view the big picture of your projects’ progress and status at a glance. automates processes and manual and repetitive tasks to make the work easy for your team.

Working and collaborating with teams   

Team collaboration is made simple, secure, and fast with Smartsheet. It simplifies complex processes so you can keep your team focused and organized. It features tools designed to make everyone succeed and accomplish tasks and team objectives. You can share files with your team and allocate resources in real time, and everyone has a balanced workload to accomplish tasks, thus enhancing productivity. offers collaborative work done in one workspace. Teams can work together to design, customize, and create their workspaces and workflows. Everyone can access the workspace wherever they are at any time, letting you plan and manage your team’s workload visually and more effectively. Whether your team members work in the office or remotely, everyone can contribute to overall team productivity. 

Streamlining and automating workflows   

Smartsheet helps streamline your workflows and simplify business processes, making it easy to manage your projects, tasks, data, and every moving aspect of your business. You can easily assign tasks, schedule activities, manage client information, and even track and solve issues that arise along the way. It features tools for launching projects. Its customizable Gantt chart lets you see the overall status and details of your project. You can find its tools useful in uploading data, requesting files, tracking issues, and sharing data with your team and stakeholders. lets you automate your workflows and streamline processes, reducing manual work, minimizing human error, and keeping teams focused on the tasks at hand toward achieving team objectives. It displays relevant information and insights on your team’s performance, projects, and processes. You can plan, run, and track remote work with its ready-made templates and customizable blocks you can drag and drop.

Integrating third-party tools and platforms  

Smartsheet’s integrations include Slack, Google Apps, Amazon Web Services, Dropbox, VMware, Box, and Salesforce. Its Zapier integrations let you connect with other productivity tools and third-party platforms. also integrates with other software platforms and applications. And it gives your team flexibility as the platform runs on any mobile device, iOS or Android.’s integrations include Mailchimp, Twitter, Box, Facebook, Harvest, Jira, Surveymonkey, Twilio, Zendesk, Todoist, Stripe, Shopify, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Slack, Outlook, Hubspot, Dropbox, and over a hundred more. 

Which is better for your business? 

One of the advantages of Smartsheet is that its applications are scalable. It suits any size of business. It has traditional project management tools that professional project managers would find comfortable to use. 

But just like Smartsheet, fits all sizes of enterprise, simplifying complex business processes in every department across all industries. Since it is online-based, there’s no geographical limit to accessibility. You can use it anywhere you are as long as there is connectivity. Thus, it is ideal for remote work.

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Project Management Resources Smartsheet vs.