Project Management (PM) software solutions make project collaboration and communication efficient and productive. It provides tools for time tracking, budgeting, resource planning, and task distribution and automates processes by bringing together all information in one platform. Also called Project Portfolio Management (PPM) or Task Management Software (TMS), it helps teams manage tasks, costs, and resources and forecasts time left to completion.

With a PM software solution, managers can supervise projects and members of geographically distributed teams using real-time collaboration tools. Teams can multi-task and deliver quality and timely outputs.

We compare two popular PM systems: NetSuite OpenAir vs. WorkOtter. We’ll evaluate their features, integrations, and pricing models to determine the more suitable product for your business. Receive five recommendations from our Technology Advisors when you use our Product Selection Tool. It’s free, easy to use, and takes only five minutes.

NetSuite OpenAir vs. WorkOtter: An overview

NetSuite OpenAir is a web-based professional services automation software for different business sizes and types including service-based businesses and hardware and software companies. It offers real-time business insights, increased project profitability, and maximized billable resource utilization. Use it to have full visibility into all business aspects such as invoicing, resource and project management, and time and expense tracking. The software uses a single, unified platform that’s easy to implement and requires no extensive training. With scalable and configurable features, it can be used by small businesses to match growing business needs.

WorkOtter functions as an on-premise or web-based project and resource management software with collaboration, document storage, schedule, and research capabilities. Use it to standardize core processes, assign employees to tasks, and prioritize projects. Users can see project statuses and deadlines for transparency and accountability. WorkOtter is suitable for businesses across different industries such as consulting, IT firms, and engineering. It comes with flexible project forecasting capabilities including work plan, team, and resource plan forecast.

A comparison of features:

NetSuite OpenAir ensures businesses have increased profitability and maximized resource utilization with its features:

·         Resource management:

Use the software to access updated resource skills that businesses need, such as interests, language expertise, and work experience and preferences.

·         Reporting and dashboards:

Make evidence-based reports using strong reporting tools that suit specific user needs. Use the software’s robust reporting and analytical tools that integrate with third-party business applications for real-time data discovery.

·         Expense tracking:

Submit and track expenses for reimbursement and client billing thanks to NetSuite OpenAir’s integration with accounting and invoicing systems. Use the software for a streamlined expense management cycle.

·         Timesheet and time tracking:

Use any standard browser to enter timesheets and approvals and customize the way they are approved. Submit timesheets in the office or from any mobile device with the software’s mobile integrations.

·         Project management:

The software offers collaboration tools and real-time project updates for resolving issues and addressing potential threats. Businesses improve client satisfaction and project completion records with NetSuite OpenAir.

WorkOtter aims to improve customer experience and project resource utilization through its set of features:

·         Portfolio management:

Track numerous projects and portfolios in one place and adjust project workflows with an interactive workflow map. Prioritize projects, create portfolio-level issues, and capture internal or external requests with ease.

·         Reports and dashboards:

Personalize reports and dashboards by company, user, or department using custom metrics or by choosing from more than 60 pre-configured reports.

·         Agile project management:

Use WorkOtter to quickly adapt to project changes thanks to the software’s agile project management capability. Experience improved project governance and two-way data syncing with another application.

·         Project management:

Track risks, tasks, and milestones with the software. Stakeholders have visibility over project details and schedules for transparency and to alert managers of any issues. WorkOtter includes built-in messaging and notifications and a role-specific My Home dashboard for each user.

A comparison of prices

Choose from NetSuite OpenAir’s 2-tiered pricing plan: Professional and Enterprise. Small businesses and startups should use the Professional plan, while mid-sized and large businesses should choose the Enterprise plan with resource management. Interested users can take advantage of the free trial without using a credit card. Both plans are available on a per user, per month payment method.

WorkOtter offers a 3-tiered pricing plan: Time/Status, Team, and Manager. The Time/Status plan is suitable for individual users like consultants and contractors and comes with project completion estimates, timesheets, and communication tools. The Team plan is suitable for customers, team members, and suppliers with timesheet and expenses, email updates, limited action items, reporting, and My Home dashboards. The Manager plan has the features of the other two plans — plus resource and project management, templates, dashboard reporting, two-way syncing with Microsoft Projects, and workflow management.

A comparison of integrations

NetSuite OpenAir integrations are with Boomi and Salesforce Sales Cloud.

WorkOtter seamlessly integrates with third-party applications such as:

·         DropBox

·         Jira

·         Google Drive

·         ProjectLibre

·         OneDrive

Takeaways: NetSuite OpenAir vs. WorkOtter

Project Management software is an integral part of any business. NetSuite OpenAir and WorkOtter serve as great products that suit varying business needs. They both offer multi-tiered pricing models and integrate with third-party applications. However, WorkOtter offers more integrations than NetSuite OpenAir.

Though both software have useful project management features, WorkOtter supports adapting to changes with more agile features.

If you have a startup, NetSuite OpenAir is a good choice because it comes with capabilities for addressing potential threats. Users can resolve any issue before it becomes a problem.

If you manage a large business and require strong reporting features, WorkOtter is the ideal software because it has over 60 pre-configured reports and custom metrics. Presentation of reports to stakeholders is clear and easy.

If you want more PM software options, use our Product Selection Tool.