NetSuite OpenAir vs. Replicon TimeCost

Project Management Resources NetSuite OpenAir vs. Replicon TimeCost

NetSuite OpenAir vs. Replicon TimeCost

Find the best PM software for your business. We help narrow it down by comparing Netsuite OpenAir and Replicon TimeCost

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Project Management (PM) software solutions are a great tool for team collaboration on a project. Also called Project Portfolio Management (PPM) or Task Management Software (TMS), it allows teams to manage resources, time, and costs through resource planning, task distribution, time tracking, team collaboration, and automated invoicing. Users can access one platform where they can manage activities, available resources, tasks, and time left to completion.

Teams with geographically distributed members benefit from PM software solutions because it allows managers to oversee projects without physical supervision. They can oversee multiple endeavors and mitigate risk by identifying a project’s failing aspects through time tracking apps that forecast project completion dates.  

We compare two popular PM software: NetSuite OpenAir vs. Replicon TimeCost. We’ll analyze their features, integrations, and pricing models to determine the more suitable product for your business. Use ourProduct Selection Tool to receive five recommendations from our Technology Advisors. It’s free, easy to use, and takes only five minutes.

NetSuite OpenAir vs. Replicon TimeCost: An overview

NetSuite OpenAir is a cloud-based professional services automation software designed for different business sizes and types such as service-based businesses and software and hardware companies. It helps increase project profitability, maximizes billable resource utilization, and offers real-time business insights using a single, unified platform. The software is easy to implement and configurable to meet growing business requirements. With NetSuite OpenAir, businesses have full visibility into all business aspects including time and expense tracking, invoicing, and resource and project management.

Replicon TimeCost is a software that combines workforce and business management solutions to give organizations numerous options for implementing businesses decisions. It serves as a cloud-based time tracking platform that does not require complex training and provides ways to manage employees in more effective ways through flexible billing and client management features. Replicon TimeCost  sets budgets for different projects and assigns tasks to employees based on costs, estimates, and specific criteria. The software is designed primarily for large businesses but can be used by smaller teams that are looking for a scalable system that meets growing business needs.

A comparison of features

NetSuite OpenAir helps businesses increase revenue and manage the workforce with its features:

  • Expense tracking:

Use the software to easily track and submit expenses for client billing and reimbursement. Integrate NetSuite OpenAir with invoicing and accounting systems to automate and streamline the entire expense management cycle.

  • Resource management:

Have centralized access to updated resource skills including interests, language expertise, and work preferences and experiences.

  • Project management:

NetSuite OpenAir provides users with collaboration tools and accurate project updates at all times to allow managers to resolve issues and potential threats. Use the software to improve project completion records and satisfaction in clients.

  • Timesheet and time tracking:

Use any standard browser for entering timesheet approvals and customizing the way timesheets are approved. NetSuite OpenAir allows for timesheet submission on the go or in the office.

  • Reporting and dashboards:

Use reporting tools that suit specific user needs for making evidence-based reports. NetSuite OpenAir uses robust reporting and analytical tools that seamlessly integrate with third-party applications for real-time data discovery.

Replicon TimeCost offers numerous features that help businesses improve project management and data discovery:

  • Configurable timesheets:

Use Replicon TimeCost to capture duration and in/out times and collect project or task information, activity, and custom attributes that businesses need. Track employee time and compare with targets to improve productivity.

  • Dynamic approvals:

Eliminate billing errors with the software’s advanced timesheet validations and receive real-time notifications for timely submissions and approval processing.

  • Project tracking:

Track project status in real time and create multi-level projects with defined milestones and relevant information in seconds.

  • Enhanced invoicing:

Get estimates and set time and budget costs for all projects. Replicon TimeCost provides centralized insights on project status to provide businesses control over project budgets.

  • Advanced analysis:

Have instant visibility into resources, projects, and programs with dedicated reports that can be configured to match reporting needs and shared with business leaders.

A comparison of prices

NetSuite OpenAir users can choose from a 2-tiered pricing plan: Professional and Enterprise. Both plans are charged on a per user, per month basis, and interested users can take advantage of the free trial without needing a credit card. Startups can benefit from the Professional plan, while large businesses can use the Enterprise plan with resource management features.

Replicon TimeCost offers a 3-tiered pricing plan: Quickstart, Plus, and Enterprise. The Quickstart package has TimeAttend, Expense, and TimeBill, while the Plus package has Quickstart features — plus TimeOff and Expense features. The Enterprise package comes with Project Portfolio Management, Professional Services Automation, and workforce management features. Interested users can try the software for free for 14 days.

A comparison of integrations

NetSuite OpenAir users can use the software with Boomi and Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Replicon TimeCost seamlessly integrates with third-party applications such as:

  • Ariba
  • MS Project
  • MS Dynamics
  • Ceridian
  • Lawson
  • ServiceNow

Takeaways: NetSuite OpenAir vs. Replicon TimeCost

Both NetSuite OpenAir and Replicon TimeCost have proven track records in business intelligence. They have similar features such as timesheet, approvals, invoicing, and project management. Both software provide multi-tiered pricing models for various business sizes.

However, they have differences that need to be considered when choosing your business’s software.

If you are managing a large business, Replicon TimeCost is a good choice because it is designed for enterprise companies. It lets you have full control over your projects to avoid overspending and neglecting smaller projects.

However, small businesses can also benefit from it because it is scalable to meet growing and changing requirements. It doesn’t require complex training to get started, allowing small businesses to be up and running immediately.

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Project Management Resources NetSuite OpenAir vs. Replicon TimeCost