Project Management (PM) software solutions are a great tool for team collaboration on a project. Also called Project Portfolio Management (PPM) or Task Management Software (TMS), it allows teams to manage resources, time, and costs through resource planning, task distribution, time tracking, team collaboration, and automated invoicing. Users can access one platform where they can manage activities, available resources, tasks, and time left to completion.

Teams with geographically distributed members benefit from PM software solutions because it allows managers to oversee projects without physical supervision. They can oversee multiple endeavors and mitigate risk by identifying a project’s failing aspects through time tracking apps that forecast project completion dates.

We compare two popular PM software: NetSuite OpenAir vs. MPOWER Envision. We’ll consider their features, integrations, and pricing models to choose the more suitable product for your business. Our Technology Advisors can give you five recommendations when you use our free Product Selection Tool. It’s fast and easy.

NetSuite OpenAir vs. MPOWR Envision: An overview

NetSuite OpenAir is a cloud-based professional services automation software for different business sizes and types including service-based businesses and hardware and software companies. Users have total visibility into everything from resource and project management to invoicing, time and expense tracking, reporting, and dashboards. Its benefits include gaining real-time business insights, maximizing billable resource utilization, and increased project profitability using a single unified platform. NetSuite OpenAir is easy to implement and can be configured to meet unique business requirements.

MPOWR Envision is an intuitive and user-friendly cloud-based strategic planning and execution software for different business sizes that improve communication, transparency across departments, and alignment of organizations. Use it to track activities, initiatives, and staff progress through real-time reports. Businesses can view project summaries and track progress through a color-coded sunburst chart that provides business insights. As an execution tool, users can have high visibility into success factors or performance indicators to improve decision making, transparency, and accountability. It offers real-time reports and summary emails and integrates with third-party applications for better communication and collaboration.

A comparison of features

NetSuite OpenAir ensures all business processes can be done in one place through its set of features:

  • Timesheet and time tracking:

Easily capture detailed timesheets in the office or on the go. Businesses can customize the way timesheets are approved, and users can enter timesheets and approvals anytime using a standard browser.

  • Project management:

Users can collaborate on projects in real time and receive accurate project status at all times, allowing managers to quickly resolve potential threats. Businesses enjoy an improved project completion record and more satisfied clients.

  • Expense tracking:

Streamline and automate the entire expense management cycle and integrate it with invoicing and project accounting. Easily track and submit expenses for client billing and reimbursement.

  • Resource management:

NetSuite OpenAir offers centralized access to updated resource skills profiles including interests, language expertise, experience, and work preferences.

  • Reporting and dashboards:

The software provides robust analytical and reporting tools that integrate with third-party applications to ensure real-time data delivery. Use it to quickly create reports that support specific user needs.

MPOWR Envision connects teams to plans and business projects to ensure success:

  • Mobility:

Users can access data and profiles on the go thanks to MPOWR Envision’s strong mobile integrations. Work on projects from any mobile device and add notes using the voice-to-text feature.

  • Universal clarity:

The software provides a color-coded sunburst map with red-yellow-green designations to reflect project status. Users can see which ones are critical, healthy, and at risk and install measures to avert problems and give immediate attention to issues.

  • Integrations:

Have access to different files stored in various places thanks to MPOWR Envision’s integrations with third-party applications.

A comparison of prices

NetSuite OpenAir offers a 2-tiered pricing plan: Professional and Enterprise suites. The Professional suite is for startups, small, and mid-sized businesses, while the Enterprise suite is for large businesses with resource management. Both plans are charged on a per user, per month basis. Both plans offer a free trial that does not require a credit card.

MPOWR Envision has a 3-tiered pricing plan: Essentials, Professional, and Enterprise. The Essentials plan is designed for startups and small businesses with 5-200 users and offers features that align team activity for better execution and plan achievement. The Professional plan has everything in the Essentials plan — plus 10 integrations, critical success factors, and unlimited KPIs. The Enterprise plan has unlimited plans, integrations, SLA guarantee, and advanced user permissions. Interested users can take advantage of the 30-day free trial to test the software.

A comparison of integrations

NetSuite OpenAir seamlessly integrates with Boomi and Salesforce Sales Cloud.

MPOWR Envision integrates with the following third-party applications:

  • Google Docs
  • Box
  • DropBox
  • One Drive
  • Slack
  • Microsoft Teams

Takeaways: NetSuite OpenAir vs. MPOWR Envision

Business intelligence software is an integral part of any business. NetSuite OpenAir and MPOWR Envision are both good BI software. They support different business sizes and provide features that ensure smooth business-intelligence-related processes. However, it’s important to consider their differences in choosing your product.

MPOWR Envision’s 3-tiered pricing plan offers more options to various businesses. The plans are well designed and offer the right features for the right price.

If you have a mid-sized or large business, you can benefit from MPOWR Envision’s sunburst map. Its color-coded signals make it easy to check on project status and conditions and set up actions to resolve issues.

Regardless of your business size, NetSuite OpenAir’s project management feature ensures projects are moving and completion record improves.

Both software are great options, but if you are looking for more PM software, use our Product Selection Tool.