Organizing, planning, and running a project is not as simple as it seems. It involves dealing with complicated details, processes, and tasks that are time consuming and labor intensive. Two project management platforms, NetSuite Open Air and inMotion Ignite, offer to streamline and simplify tasks for teams to become more productive.

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NetSuite OpenAir vs. inMotion Ignite: An overview

NetSuite OpenAir is a cloud-based project management software designed for businesses and organizations in the service industry. It helps deliver projects on schedule, manage profitability and keep activities within budget, and improve invoice accuracy.

InMotion ignite is an online proofing and workflow management platform that leverages advanced technology in providing a complete set of tools designed for creative and marketing teams in a range of industries. 

NetSuite OpenAir and inMotion Ignite have different approaches, focuses, and markets. Both are niche platforms. 

NetSuite OpenAir: A platform for service industry

NetSuite OpenAir is professional project management done in the cloud, and it offers automation of routine tasks and processes for managing projects, accounting and timesheets, and expenses.

Managing projects

NetSuite OpenAir helps improve the processes of project management, enabling you to finish deliverables on time and improving project profitability. It simplifies management tasks, and you can get updates and generate reports on the status of your projects in real time, allowing you to access the tools and data you need with flexibility. 

You can collaborate with your team, identify and resolve problems quickly, improve project completion and delivery, and reduce non-billable work. NetSuite OpenAir optimizes your resources and delivers projects on time and within budget. It also lets you engage with your clients and provide them updates, reports, and status summaries on the project. It integrates with Microsoft Project and features a library to keep yourself informed and updated on the latest trends in project management.

Time tracking

NetSuite OpenAir’s timesheet management tools make it easy for employees to clock in and clock out. You can view detailed timesheets, so it’s convenient to track and manage time-off requests such as leave and vacation time. The tools are modifiable to fit your unique business requirements and preferences, allowing you to monitor time by project, task, or phase and add detailed descriptions.

Reporting and dashboard 

NetSuite OpenAir provides graphical dashboards, intelligent reporting, and robust analytics tools integrated into every module for accessing data in real time. You can keep track of necessary metrics such as KPIs, resource utilization, profit margin, and budget. You can easily view, make changes, export, schedule, deliver, and download reports. It also allows you to connect to analytics and business intelligence for reporting needs.

Resource management, expense tracking, and invoicing

NetSuite OpenAir provides tools to manage resources. It lets you put the right resources on the right projects to increase resource utilization. You can assign people with skills, interests, experience, and availability suited for the tasks. You can forecast staffing needs, improve employee utilization rates, and track your budget and expenses. It integrates project accounting tools that allow you to issue accurate project invoices and billing details.


With NetSuite OpenAir, you can connect to other systems and third-party platforms such as SalesForce, MS Dynamics, MS Outlook, MS Project, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Sage, Epicor, QuickBooks, and SAP.

inMotion ignite: A platform for creative teams

inMotion ignite allows your team to collaborate for faster online proofing of your creative project, manage its workflow, streamline feedback loops, facilitate communication between designers and marketers, and help speed up the delivery of creative assets.

Agile and collaboration

inMotion ignite employs the agile philosophy and methodology in its project management platform, emphasizing on the incremental delivery of a product, efficient collaboration, and actionable feedback and reporting

Centralized data

With inMotion ignite, you can launch new projects more efficiently, access data and assets in one location, manage creative teams to work on the product, and simplify reviews and approval. It lets your team communicate more efficiently and spend more time on the more important matters. It centralizes data so you can access and keep track of your projects, tasks, and campaigns in one place. Thus, it’s easy to manage, track goals, and monitor progress.

Managing creative work

inMotion ignite assists you in managing and tracking your team’s resources, workflows, and timelines. You can balance workloads to improve team efficiency and even do a cross-team collaboration. For its online proofing functionality, inMotion ignite features audit trail, file sharing, role-based permissions, task management, due date tracking, markup tools, status tracking, and version control. You can manage your creative team more proactively with its advanced collaboration and tracking tools. 

Managing projects and workflows

You can plan and track your project’s progress with its advanced tools that let you monitor tasks, time and expense, percent-completed, and status. inMotion ignite features the following project management tools: client portal, Gantt charts, Kanban board, time monitoring, resource and expense management, customizable templates, idea management, and milestone tracking. It also offers access controls and permissions, customizable dashboard, forms and templates, mobile access, task and workflow configuration, business process automation, compliance tracking, document management, graphical workflow editor, and third-party integrations.

Which platform suits you better?

It all depends on the type of your team or business. If you’re in the service industry, NetSuite OpenAir is the best fit. But if you’re in your company’s creative and marketing department, inMotion ignite is a better and more appropriate choice. 

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