NetSuite OpenAir vs. AchieveIt

Project Management Resources NetSuite OpenAir vs. AchieveIt

NetSuite OpenAir vs. AchieveIt

Find the best PM software for your business. We help narrow it down by comparing NetSuite OpenAir and AchieveIt

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Project management (PM) is easier and more convenient for teams thanks to PM software solutions. Also called Project Portfolio Management (PPM) or Task Management Software (TMS), these products offer task distribution, time tracking, budgeting, and resource planning features to promote on-time completion of quality deliverables. Teams can collaborate on projects and communicate in real time while managing costs and resources.

With a PM software solution, managers can remotely supervise projects and members of geographically distributed teams and alleviate risk by identifying a project’s weak aspects.

We consider two popular PM software systems: NetSuite OpenAir vs. AchieveIt. We’ll evaluate their features, integrations, and pricing models to determine the software that meets your business needs. Our Technology Advisors can give you five recommendations when you use our free Product Selection Tool. It’s easy to use and takes only five minutes.

NetSuite OpenAir vs. AchieveIt: An overview

NetSuite OpenAir is a cloud-based professional services automation software for increasing project profitability, providing real-time business insights, and maximizing billable resource utilization. It is designed for different business sizes and types including hardware and software companies and service-based businesses. With a single, unified platform, the software is easy to implement, requires no extensive training, and comes with configurable features to match growing business needs. Users have full visibility into all business aspects such as resource and project management, invoicing, and time and expense tracking.

AchieveIt is a web-based strategic planning solution for organizations of varying sizes and types that brings information and initiatives into reality. It can be used across different industries including education, enterprise, utilities, government, and healthcare. AchieveIt integrates multiple plans, reports, and progress updates into one centralized platform. Use the software for managing strategic plans, company performance and KPIs, projects, and organizational OKRs. AchieveIt has comprehensive reports and dashboards that facilitate 360-degree visibility and an automated update process for increased adoption and engagement.

A comparison of features

NetSuite OpenAir ensures businesses meet goals and targets with its features:

·         Timesheet and time tracking:

Enter timesheet and approvals using any standard browser and customize the way timesheets are approved. Choose to submit timesheets in the office or on the go with the software’s mobile integrations.

·         Reporting and dashboards:

NetSuite OpenAir comes with reporting tools that suit specific user needs for making evidence-based reports. Experience real-time data discovery with the software’s robust reporting and analytical tools that integrate with third-party business applications.

·         Resource management:

Get the resources businesses need by accessing updated resource skills that include work experience and preferences, language expertise, and interests.

·         Expense tracking:

NetSuite OpenAir’s integration with invoicing and accounting systems automates and streamlines the entire expense management cycle. Submit and track expenses for reimbursement and client billing with ease.

·         Project management:

Use the software’s collaboration tools and real-time project updates to help managers resolve issues and address potential threats. NetSuite OpenAir improves project completion records and client satisfaction.

AchieveIt helps businesses become more productive and efficient with its features:

·         Easy strategy implementation:

AchieveIt can be easily implemented with a low learning curve. Execution experts make the transition easy with change management guidance and onsite roll out.

·         Easy onboarding process:

Every team member can use the software with ease. A simple and quick onsite training helps everyone learn how to use AchieveIt.

·         Optimizable plans:

Have access to the service of execution experts who can evaluate your business plans and suggest ways to yield the best results.

·         Immediate support:

AchieveIt provides support for answering questions and building reports. Execution experts respond in minutes.

·         Coaching and feedback:

Get insights on how high-performing organizations get their projects completed. Execution experts can coach users on proven best practices to enhance productivity.

A comparison of pricing

NetSuite OpenAir offers a 2-tiered pricing plan: Professional and Enterprise. The Professional plan is best for startups and small businesses, while the Enterprise plan comes with resource management features for large businesses. Interested users can take advantage of the free trial without using a credit card. Both plans are charged on a per user, per month basis.

AchieveIt offers a mix of software and services to promote real change for organizations. Its Core Solutions has full access to the platform for management and initiatives composed of Platform, Implementation, and Support.

The Platform has unlimited plans and projects and data storage. The Implementation offers data migration, custom plan loads, and implementation prep calls for planning and preparation. The Support comes with user adoption, optimization, and customer engagement.

Interested users can contact the vendors for detailed product and pricing information.

A comparison of integration

NetSuite OpenAir has integrations with Boomi and Salesforce Sales Cloud.

AchieveIt makes business-intelligence-related tasks easier by integrating with several third-party applications such as:

·         Project Management

·         Wrike

·         Clockify

·         Smartsheet

·         Tick

·         Wunderlist

Takeaways: NetSuite OpenAir vs. AchieveIt

There is no doubt that NetSuite OpenAir and AchieveIt are great business intelligence software options. Both software offer features that ensure tasks and processes are completed with accuracy. While NetSuite OpenAir has a 2-tiered pricing plan, AchieveIt offers Core Solutions that brings users through different stages.

If you run a startup, you can benefit from AchieveIt’s feedback and coaching feature. As execution experts have worked with numerous users, they can provide insights into how successful businesses have accomplished goals and targets. The software also provides immediate support to help with reports and ensure all features are functioning correctly.

Regardless of business size, NetSuite OpenAir’s expense tracking is beneficial because it ensures projects are moving within budget. It prevents overspending or underfunding projects.

Overall, businesses can benefit from either software. However, if you’re looking for more PM software options, use our Product Selection Tool.

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Project Management Resources NetSuite OpenAir vs. AchieveIt