Getting the right project management and collaboration platform is one of the key factors in staying productive and competitive in a rapidly-changing business environment. The processes get more complex as the organization grows. You need the software solutions that and Zoho Projects offer — advanced project management and collaboration tools that simplify tasks, streamline processes, enhance productivity, and increase growth. Are you in search of a project management and collaboration platform for your business or organization? Our Product Selection Tool will help you; it makes the search process simple. Just enter your desired features, company size, and user requirements. Then we’ll send you a list of options tailored to your needs in no time. vs. Zoho Projects: An overview is a cloud-based work platform that lets your team create customizable workflow applications to streamline your projects, processes, and everyday work. It features full automation to make your work easy, so you can shift your focus to effective team collaboration to get things done and reach your goals. Zoho Projects is a cloud-based project management solutions toolkit that helps you plan, manage, and track your projects and collaborate with your office-based and remote teams. It combines traditional project management and modern analytics tools to help your teams become more efficient and productive.

Simplifying complex processes

With’s intuitive workspace, your team can build, customize, and automate workflows that simplify your work, processes, and tasks. It allows your team to be more creative with the platform to fit your needs and preferences. With its powerful built-in tools, it lets you streamline the work and fully automate your workflows to reduce errors and boost productivity. Zoho’s full automation streamlines workflows and simplifies processes to save time on repetitive and manual tasks. Its Blueprint feature lets you automate email follow-ups and notifications. The platform also integrates time trackers and Zoho Invoice to generate invoices from timesheets automatically, thus cutting out redundancies.

Managing your projects features drag-and-drop blocks to plan and run your project with your office-based and remote teams. It allows you to see the big picture of your project at a glance. With its impressive visuals for planning and running projects, you can manage the workload of everyone in your team more effectively. And it integrates analytics to understand your team better and assess performance. With Zoho Projects, you can manage resources, plan activities, assign tasks, and collaborate with your team better with its advanced tools that help you get the work done on schedule. It features a drag-and-drop interface that makes automation easy and Gantt charts for creating your project plans and tracking schedules. You can also use its Kanban board, analytics, milestones, and other project management tools to make the work easy and more productive.

Customizing your workspace’s tools and workflows are fully customizable, including the dashboard, forms, Kanban blocks, and pre-built templates for easy use and quick solutions. You can build workflow applications, so you are free to customize and do whatever you want with the platform to suit your style and brand. Zoho offers full customization for your projects, letting you create personalized fields, layouts, and workflows that fit your needs, style, and preferences. You can customize its Kanban board and drag and drop cards that contain the details of your project and tasks onto different columns. Its time tracker is also customizable, helping you track the project’s pace and time spent for each task.

Collaborating with your team

Your team can work and collaborate more efficiently on’s shared workspace, which allows you to design code-free and customize your workflows. You can connect with everyone in your team and invite guests to join you in the project. And it lets you ensure everyone is on the same page in accomplishing your tasks and hitting your team’s targets. With Zoho, your team can easily collaborate and manage tasks, keeping an eye on every little detail of your project, so it’s easy to identify and fix the problem when something goes off the track. You can assign and track tasks, set schedules and reminders, and break the tasks down into subtasks. And it has built-in chat rooms to discuss ideas with your team in real time.

Integrating third-party tools lets you connect with your team more effectively through its integrations, which include Dropbox, Slack, Mailchimp, Outlook, Twitter, Box, Facebook, Harvest, Jira, Surveymonkey, Hubspot, Twilio, Zendesk, Todoist, Stripe, Shopify, Salesforce, and Pipedrive. With Zoho, you can also integrate the tools and apps you’re already using, as it allows seamless integration with other Zoho platforms such as Zoho People, Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk, Zoho Analytics, and Zoho Books. Its third-party integrations include Slack, Google Suite, Microsoft Office, Jira, Basecamp, Box, and GitHub.

Conclusion: or Zoho?

The decision to choose one over the other depends on your needs. is a powerful productivity and collaboration platform that suits any size of business and enterprises across industries. It gives your office-based and remote teams more freedom and creativity in customizing the platform to your style and preferences. Zoho, however, offers a combination of traditional project management, analytics, and advanced tools to simplify the work. For example, it lets you split your project into multiple milestones with start and end dates and assigned tasks to make big and complex projects easy to manage. If you’re still undecided on the right project management platform that fits your business, use our Product Selection Tool. It’s fast, easy, and free.