Basecamp vs. LiquidPlanner

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Basecamp vs. LiquidPlanner

Find the best PM software for your business. We help narrow it down by comparing Basecamp vs. LiquidPlanner

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Project management software can help any business achieve its goals through careful planning, monitoring, and execution — this is what Basecamp and LiquidPlanner do best. If you’re looking for a software to help meet your goals, you might want to take a look at these two options.

Basecamp is a top-rated project management software that has gained countless users because of its user-friendly interface and valuable features. LiquidPlanner has made its mark on the project management industry for its powerful features and automation capabilities.

We will compare the primary features of Basecamp and LiquidPlanner to give you a gist of what you can expect from each project management software.

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Basecamp vs. LiquidPlanner: An overview

Since its launch in 1999, Basecamp has become one of the most respected project management software products. Today, Basecamp has offices in more than 30 cities all around the world. Basecamp’s primary features include scheduling, message board, docs and files sharing, group chats, to-do lists, and automatic check-ins for managers and has a mobile app. Basecamp has a fixed price for all business sizes and is ideal for mid to large-sized businesses. It has high-end rates.

LiquidPlanner was first released in 2008. It is recognized in the project management industry for its priority-based scheduling capability. The features for LiquidPlanner include collaboration, time tracking, drag-and-drop prioritization, project analytics and reporting, document storage, client sharing, and mobile application. Like Basecamp, LiquidPlanner has high-end pricing and is better suited for medium to large companies.

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Comparing the features

Basecamp and LiquidPlanner both have features for collaboration, scheduling, and mobile access:


Users can collaborate on Basecamp projects though the software’s message board and chatting features. On the message boards, users can post important announcements or updates regarding a project. Posts and privacy settings can be customized. Commenting and liking on message boards promote collaboration. Basecamp also has a built-in chatting feature that lets team members reach each other instantly. Chat messages in Basecamp may be sent to entire groups or specific team members.

For effective team collaboration, LiquidPlanner uses its dashboards and commenting features. Dashboards utilize visualization to share information and project progress with team members and customers. Its commenting feature puts conversations in line with the related task or project. LiquidPlanner has a centralized workspace accessible to each team member, keeping everyone updated on work progress.


Basecamp’s scheduling feature helps keep track of the team member’s to dos. This feature makes sure you won’t miss out on upcoming events. You can add one-time and recurring events with Basecamp. You can also sync schedules with an external calendar and add dates, times, and date ranges to events. All projects in Basecamp have a schedule that shows any relevant to dos and events. Everyone on the project can see the schedule.

LiquidPlanner’s scheduling capability is one of its strongest features. With this feature, you can schedule events, add due dates to tasks, and even set limits on the hours allocated to complete tasks. With LiquidPlanner, you can schedule the due dates and events to multiple projects. The software gives you the freedom to schedule a full or partial day, so you can accurately schedule events such as a half day team meeting, office-wide holidays, or personal time off.

Mobile access

Basecamp has a mobile application for Android and iOS users. You can view your tasks and take important notes with the app. Plan projects, share files, and collaborate with others. With the mobile app, you can keep everyone updated on the current status of work even outside the office. You can get alerted of important events and due dates through notifications from the app, too. Basecamp’s mobile application has an easy-to-use interface.

Like Basecamp, the mobile application of LiquidPlanner is available for both Android and iOS devices. Multi-project planning and organization, as well as collaboration and file sharing, are all possible with the app. It has integrated timesheets, analysis, and trend reporting capabilities. You can comment on conversation threads and create checklists. Schedule events and add due dates to tasks using the drag-and-drop scheduling feature. You can integrate the app with your mobile calendar and email.


Basecamp has wide integration possibilities. It can be integrated with software products for project management, time tracking, chatting, online helpdesk, and event management:

  • LiveChat
  • Freshdesk
  • Hubstaff
  • EventBrite
  • Asana

LiquidPlanner can integrate with platforms for payroll, file syncing, time tracking, access management, and lead generation:

  • Google Drive
  • Hubstaff
  • VisitorTrack
  • Okta
  • Rippling

Deciding on the better project management solution

As both Basecamp and LiquidPlanner have useful features, choosing between the two isn’t easy. Take a look into each software’s strengths and limitations to determine which features are most important to you.

Basecamp’s the better choice if you’re looking for the software with powerful collaboration capabilities. Its built-in chat and message boards can definitely facilitate collaboration and communication between team members. On the other hand, LiquidPlanner is the right choice if you want the software that has a better scheduling feature. This is because aside from the ability to add due dates and events, you can even set the time allocated for each task in LiquidPlanner. The partial and full-day scheduling makes sure that all events are accurately recorded in the system.

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Project Management Resources Basecamp vs. LiquidPlanner