A business is more productive when it employs individuals working seamlessly as a team. Due to the complex process and sheer volume of the tasks to carry out and remain competitive, you need the right tools that lighten the load and simplify the work. Basecamp and Clarizen are such platforms that offer productivity and team collaboration solutions.

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Basecamp vs. Clarizen: An Overview 

A web-based productivity and project management tool, Basecamp is specifically designed for a workforce working remotely. Basecamp practices what it preaches as it employs people from different time zones and has offices in 26 cities around the world.

Clarizen is a cloud-based enterprise-grade collaboration and project and portfolio management platform. It offers complete business solutions that seek to solve the challenges of the traditional notions of work and project management at a new level.

Streamlining complex processes   

With Basecamp, processes for project management are streamlined, and team communications and file sharing is simplified. You can break your work down into individual projects, and each project is a workspace with a set of tools and data organized in one place. Every team member can access the project anytime, anywhere, and on any device. In the project, you can track and assign tasks, manage schedules, interact with your team, pitch ideas, and receive feedback.

Clarizen simplifies the entire process of your work, streamlines every moving part of the business, and automates workflows and tasks. Its advanced tools and approach to work management allow you to link business initiatives, plans, objectives, and team collaboration in executing the necessary tasks to reach your company’s goals. It offers an end-to-end business solution from planning and decision making to execution and reporting.

Customizing the workspace 

You can customize all of Basecamp’s projects, tools, and templates. It gives you more leeway in planning and creating your team’s workspace. It has a customizable check-in question feature  to easily stay connected with your remote team. You can also keep track of the project’s status and team activities by customizing the automated notification tool.


Clarizen promises solutions more than a traditional project management software can offer. Aside from streamlining complex business processes, it also simplifies your work lifecycle from strategy to execution. It provides a workspace with an intuitive interface you can customize to adjust, adapt, and support your workstyles, methods, and preferences. You can trim down various layers of complexity into easy workflows. Clarizen lets you see all the parts of the business at a glance, so you can have flexibility in making changes and adjustments to your budgets and schedules while projects are ongoing.

Collaborating with teams 

With Basecamp, a productivity tool designed for remote work, team collaboration knows no geographical boundaries and time zone limits. You can easily and securely communicate and interact with your team wherever they are. It lets you have more time working together as a team to accomplish your goals. Every tool or piece of information your team needs is in the customized project workspace.

Clarizen lets you create a single line of vision where every goal or task is shared, increasing individual and team accountability and efficiency. It supports and adapts to the different working styles and methods of teams to accomplish objectives, thus empowering everyone to be creative in carrying out the plans and execution. With Clarizen, collaboration is purposeful, and the sharing of information is real-time. This arrangement helps you quickly identify and solve issues before creating further damage. It lets you take action faster and stay on track.

Integrating third-party platforms

To make your work easier, Basecamp lets you integrate other tools and systems such as Project Buddy, Pleexy, Automate.io, TaskClone, MinterApp, Ganttify, Zapier, Twitter, Unito.io, and Calamari. Basecamp runs on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC.

Clarizen allows you to extend its capabilities with third-party platform integrations including SAP, Service Now, Salesforce, MS Excel, Slack, Jira, Box, Oracle, Sharepoint, Google Drive, Netsuite, and Tableau.

Which one suits your business better – Basecamp or Clarizen? 

Basecamp has a niche market in businesses that thrive in the world of remote work. If you’re in software development, design, freelancing, or consultancy with a workforce scattered across the globe, Basecamp might be the right fit.

As an enterprise-level solutions provider, Clarizen combines business intelligence and project management for a full view of your resources, schedules, and tasks in real time. You can think of ways to maintain office-based (or remote) workforce engagement, enhance performance, and increase productivity.

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