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About TimeCamp

TimeCamp is a multi-platform time tracking solution packed with features to allow users to boost productivity and profitability while seeing where time is spent during business operations. TimeCamp integrates with many solutions and also has numerous add-ons available including a Chrome extension.

TimeCamp allows employees to self-monitor their productivity and allows them to see how much time they lose to various distractions. It allows users to see which websites and applications are consuming the most time, provides productivity analysis, a detailed history, automatic computer usage tracking, time spent on documents, offline activity tracking, goals, weekly email summary, and time sheet approvals. It also offers attendance analysis, absence analysis, tracking who is in and out at any time, start and finish work time analysis, tracking of holidays, time off, etc.

TimeCamp can track billable hours through several features including the automatic time tracking and calendar integration. It allows for one-click visual time tracking, a graphical timesheet, mobile and desktop apps, subtasks, notes, integration with Trello, budgeting in dollars or time, income calculations, estimates vs. actuals, and powerful reports. Time entries can be used to bill clients or measure project profitability. See how many billable hours were spent on any project, and how many hours were spent on non-billable projects or other work. 

TimeCamp also includes a comprehensive set of invoicing features. These include professional looking invoices, an integrated payment gateway, notification when a client views an invoice, filters and reports, tracking billable and non-billable time, and automatic invoicing based on hours. Invoicing is done quickly online and allows users to track different clients and different jobs by client. Whether projects are fixed price or billable by hours, time tracking features allow for analysis of profitability.

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