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What is time clock software?

Employee time tracking software solutions help track and manage employee scheduling, hours, overtime, and attendance. With employee time clock software, organizations no longer need to manually check time cards.

These products can have features to simplify and automate all aspects of the time tracking process, such as GPS tracking, automatic screen capture, payroll solutions, and real-time reporting. These apps can even enable leaders to gain insights into their employees’ engagement levels and better understand their project costs and projected time requirements.

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What is the best time clock software?

Whether you’re a startup needing to manage timesheets or a well-established organization looking to optimize your employee time-tracking processes at scale, there are numerous time clock software solutions available to help you track and manage the working hours of your staff members.

These tools can help organizational leaders efficiently manage their time clock data and employee scheduling, as well as prevent time theft, so they can focus on what’s important.

Product Automated Time Tracking Automated Invoicing Productivity Monitoring Complete Platform Compatibility Cost Management
Toggl yes no yes yes yes
FunctionFox yes yes yes yes yes
Harvest no yes yes no yes
Paychex yes yes yes no yes
ClockShark yes yes yes no yes
Hubstaff yes yes yes yes yes


Toggl is a time-tracking tool with scheduling, project tracking, revenue tracking, reporting, and management features. Users can manually or automatically track time with the platform and integrate it with business intelligence tools for more expansive capabilities.

In addition, users can configure their reporting settings to gain the information and details they desire from visualizations and reports. And the project revenue tracking feature is helpful for projecting estimates and forecasting budgets and progress.


FunctionFox enables users to manage their timesheets, projects, and team productivity. The product can automatically track time and expenses and uses data to generate estimates and budgets for users.

With the advanced reporting of the Classic plan, users can gain graphical dashboard views, interactive visualizations, and standard reports.

The features offered by FunctionFox are dependent on the plan you choose, with more expensive plans containing more features. However, they do provide a free plan with simple time and project tracking capabilities.


With Harvest time tracking software, users can track their time manually, and leaders can gain insights from visual reports. They can also analyze the time spent on specific projects and apply this knowledge in future project management planning.

Another nice feature is that leaders can maintain effective utilization of each team member with capacity reporting. And with online payment processing and internal cost tracking, this tool can simplify many payroll reports and reduce payroll errors. However, Harvest doesn’t have an app for Linux, so it is not compatible across all platforms.

Paychex Flex

Paychex is an HR, payroll, and benefits solution with solutions for small businesses and midsize and enterprise organizations to manage payroll processing, taxes, and other HR tasks.

The online employee self-service portal enables staff members to perform their own functions like adjusting benefits, updating their personal information, accessing online payslips, and more. In addition, it has features to help users with their time-tracking and invoicing capabilities.

While this software option may not be as timesheet-focused as the others, it can provide additional benefits and features to simplify compliance, business taxes, and other HR processes.


For organizations involved in construction and field service, Clockshark can be an excellent timekeeping option. This software is designed to manage field service and construction business teams; easily record time tracking; maintain job details; simplify scheduling processes; and generate accurate invoices, quotes, and payments.

In addition, third-party enterprise software solutions can be integrated with the platform to automate administrative tasks, like payroll processing through Quickbooks or ADP integrations. The tool also offers GPS tracking with geofencing, so leaders will know when their workers are actually on the job site.


The Hubstaff time clock software solution focuses on time tracking and productivity monitoring. It is excellent for managing field or remote work teams, as it also utilizes geofencing and GPS tracking.

Automatic invoicing enables users to submit their invoices and get paid faster. And productivity is monitored through built-in efficiency tools like the employee productivity tracker.

In addition, the tracker measures and creates reports on teams’ time, activity, projects, and tasks to generate valuable insights into productivity. Leaders can even set employee productivity levels and activity goals to motivate staff members.

What are the key features of time clock software?

Automatic Time Tracking

Automatic time tracking is a helpful feature that simplifies time clock processes. While manual time tracking is time-consuming and leaves room for error, these solutions can automatically track and capture data on users’ time worked.

As a result, employees no longer need to worry about writing down their time manually or setting timers, as this feature allows them to simply focus on their work tasks.

Automated Invoicing

Automatic invoicing can save time for users and businesses alike. These features can automatically generate scheduled and recurring invoices, so employees get paid faster. Tools can also automatically fill in charts and other invoice fields, making manual invoicing simpler, faster, and more efficient.

Productivity Monitoring

Productivity monitoring features provide visibility into staff productivity trends, so leaders can gain valuable insights. These features can track the activity levels of individual staff members and help them make well-informed decisions on ways to motivate teams and boost employee engagement.

Platform Compatibility

While some software and applications can be deployed on all platforms, others cannot. Before investing in employee time tracking, consider whether the software product supports your team’s platforms. Some features are only helpful when used on specific platforms — such as GPS and geofencing features requiring mobile support.

Cost Management

By utilizing data from your projects and your teams’ time tracking, some tools can provide helpful insights on expenses and profitability. Cost management features can be beneficial for generating accurate quotes and cost projections based on past projects, taking the time and guesswork out of users’ project management processes.

Choosing a time clock software product

If you are looking for time clock software, it is helpful to consider the features and capabilities of different solutions, and how well they would suit your organization’s needs.

For example, some tools are developed with features designed to benefit certain industries, like Clockshark. And other tools like Paychex Flex offer additional services for HR, which may be helpful for your organization.

Additionally, make sure you choose the appropriate pricing plan for the software, as some services like FunctionFox offer different features within different product tiers. By ensuring your time clock solution meets your organization’s needs, you can choose the best product for your workforce.


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