It’s important to keep employees happy and content to retain them and keep business processes flowing smoothly. Thanks to human capital management (HCM) software, HR tasks are completed with speed and accuracy by automating tasks such as time management, recruitment, time-off requests, employee records, and benefits. With technological advancement, users can access features such as employee performance appraisals, company culture and branding, and recruiting. HCM offers various SaaS (Software as a Service) under its umbrella like performance and learning management, applicant tracking, employee engagement, and time clock management. We evaluate two popular HCM software: SAP SuccessFactors vs. Zenefits. We’ll compare their features, prices, and integrations to choose the more suitable product for your business. Our Technology Advisors can give you five recommendations when you use our free Product Selection Tool. It’s easy to use and takes only five minutes.

SAP SuccessFactors vs. Zenefits: An overview

SAP SuccessFactors is a cloud-based workforce management software designed for all businesses across various industries such as manufacturing, retail, and healthcare. It comes with an integrated suite of features for payroll, applicant tracking, core HR functions, goal and learning management, performance review, and onboarding. Use its built-in best practices to ensure compliance to legislation for consistently high employment standards. SAP SuccessFactors can track recruitment strategies and determine which resources provide the most talented applicants. Zenefits is an efficient workforce management software for all business sizes with core HR functions, benefits administration, time tracking, payroll functions, and other workforce-related processes. Use it for employee directory, benefits and insurance, compliance with ACA, recruitment and onboarding, and mobile support. Zenefits brings together all tools in one platform for easy compliance to regulations, extensive control, and employee information access. It is beneficial to start-ups looking for a robust yet affordable platform. Read also: 7 of the Best Payroll Management Tools for Your Business

A comparison of features

SAP SuccessFactors comes with features for strong and efficient workforce management:
  • Organizational structures: Use the software for maintaining organizational structures that represent business needs. SAP SuccessFactors has embedded analytics for workforce and succession management, learning, and recruiting.
  • Profiles and employee self-service: Employees have access to HR data for updating information, accuracy, and transparency. It reduces time spent updating employee records and allows HR personnel to focus on other business matters. Use SAP SuccessFactors to adhere to specific requirements set by the business’s operating country.
  • Core HR: Core HR tasks like payroll, time management, and benefits are completed faster and more accurately. Use the software for expense reporting, compliance, and reimbursement tracking.
  • Benefit management: Use one platform for all master data to ensure accessibility, confidentiality, and accuracy of information. SAP SuccessFactors comes with a special benefit enrollment window that is based on work or life events to streamline employee benefit management.
Zenefits attracts businesses with its set of features:
  • Time and attendance: Users have full visibility into employee work hours and overtime. It alerts HR on issues such as employees missing clock-in and clock-out or breaks that exceed allowable time. Information can be viewed for each employee, role, and the entire department.
  • Employee directory: Zenefits stores vast amounts of employee information such as personal data, emergency contact, social security, compensation information, work eligibility, tax information, and addresses. Use it to comply with regulations, pay workers correctly, and keep up-to-date information with ease.
  • Performance management: The software manages employee performance with templates to help users get started with setting goals and running performance reviews on individual employees and teams. It comes with a calendar that shows scheduled performance reviews and allows employees to leave feedback for managers.
  • Ease of use: Zenefits has a modern look and feel with an intuitive user interface. It has vertical navigation that organizes features into logical groups such as time and attendance, benefits administration, and scheduling.

A comparison of prices

SAP SuccessFactors doesn’t have publicly available pricing information. This is a common practice among software vendors to ensure users get the features they need for the right price. You can contact the vendor directly to request a quote. Zenefits has a 3-tiered pricing plan: Essentials, Growth, and Zen. The Essentials Plan is charged per user, per month for start-ups and comes with core HR functions, time and scheduling capabilities, integrations, and a mobile app. The Growth Plan is for mid-sized businesses with everything in the Essentials Plan and additional compensation and performance management features. The Zen Plan is for large businesses with everything in the Growth Plan — plus Well-being. Well-being is Zenefit’s wellness program powered by Thrive that focuses on a workforce’s health and sustainable performance. It uncovers helpful insights to help in employees’ day-to-day activities. Zenefits has a 14-day free trial for interested users to test the software.

A comparison of integrations

SAP SuccessFactors makes HR processes easier by integrating with other apps such as:
  • Saba Learning
  • iSpring Learn
  • Boomi
  • Cisco WebEx
  • Skype
  • Vaave
Zenefits integrates with other business apps to ensure smooth workforce management:
  • Human Interest (Retirement Savings Plan)
  • Guideline 401(K)
  • Box
  • Hive
  • Zapier
  • Asana

Takeaways: SAP SuccessFactors vs. Zenefits

Businesses can greatly benefit from the features of SAP SuccessFactors and Zenefits. They have core HR features that automate basic HR functions. Though SAP SuccessFactors does not reveal pricing information publicly, it is open to inquiries and quote requests. However, it is also important to consider the differences when choosing your business’s human capital management software. Businesses that need support for benefit management should choose SAP SuccessFactors for its special benefit enrollment window. It’s beneficial to startup companies that want to ensure compliance with regulations on benefits and compensation. Large businesses that need a comprehensive system for employee data and directory can go for Zenefits because of its employee directory feature. Keeping track of hundreds or thousands of employees is easier with an organized directory that comes with important employee data. Zenefits’ performance management feature is beneficial to businesses of all sizes in keeping tabs on employee performance and ensuring achievement of goals and KPIs. Still looking for more HCM software options? Use our Product Selection Tool.