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About Zenefits

Zenefits provides free human resources management software to businesses of all sizes, operating in any industry. 

Zenefits can provide their software for free thanks to their innovative business model — they’re licensed insurance brokers, so their operating capital derives from the insurance policies they sell and help administer. The software is much more than a marketing gimmick; it allows management of core HR functions along with payroll, time tracking, stock options, and many more features common and uncommon to competing Human Resources Information System solutions. We’ve used Zenefits here at TechnologyAdvice, and employees in particular love the easy self-service options for accessing paystubs, changing or viewing benefits information, and vacation/leave requests. Zenefits also makes onboarding quick and easy; a new employee requires only five fields to be completed by HR, and Zenefits’ online interface allows employees to easily complete and sign onboarding documents electronically. In the event an employee leaves, one click and Zenefits removes the employee from payroll, benefits, and initiates the COBRA setup process. 

Implementing Zenefits is simple. Users can directly connect legacy payroll, health insurance, and other systems in seconds, and Zenefits can also set up new payroll, insurance, retirement plans, and more. Zenefits’ development team is experienced and responsive when dealing with user requests, and often can fulfill feature and integration requests within just one week. Additionally, Zenefits employs a team of HR, payroll, and insurance specialists who are available for questions via phone or email. Zenefits is a great option for small- to medium-sized companies looking for a no-cost, innovative, web-based system to manage their human resources operations. 

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(Last updated on 03/21/2016)

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