Having the right tools for human resources and people management can advance your company a long way. Business is primarily about people — the key drivers to innovation and growth. It’s also about the use of technology to enrich the experiences and productivity of your workforce. SAP SuccessFactors and Vista HRMS seek to provide businesses with a platform that helps manage, enhance, and optimize human capital. 

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SAP SuccessFactors vs. Vista HRMS 

SAP SuccessFactors is a human resource and people management platform developed by one of the industry leaders in business software solutions. It provides a comprehensive solution to your human capital and talent management needs — recruiting, onboarding, performance management, compensation management, learning, and succession and development. 

Vista HRMS competes with SAP SuccessFactors in providing a complete HR solutions package from recruitment and talent acquisition to analytics and reporting. It has all the tools you need for your human resources department — core HR processes, recruiting, benefits, payroll, time and attendance, self-service, workflow, analytics, and reporting. 

It’s in the dashboard  

SAP SuccessFactors delivers an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface for its powerful dashboard that hosts all the tools you need in a platform. It lets you customize the dashboard, tools, and built-in templates for quick solutions. You can easily navigate and access the tools and solutions for core HR processes, recruitment, onboarding, payroll, compensation, time tracking, and learning and development.

But Vista HRMS refuses to be behind the trend. It is equipped not only with powerful HCM tools but also with an impressively interactive dashboard that features a responsive and simple user interface. You can access the tools, navigate the platform, and perform your tasks with ease.

Integrates analytics with HCM tools

SAP SuccessFactors combines AI-powered data analytics and human capital management tools for making quick and smart decisions. It organizes information and analyzes data to help improve employee engagement, enhance performance, and boost productivity. Its HR analytics and planning tools let you reduce attrition rates, help your employees to do and be their best, and build an environment for proactive engagement and exceptional experiences.

Vista HRMS integrates analytics in its HR tools to help you track performance and measure important metrics. Data are collected and analyzed to give you a broader view of the company’s workforce. Vista HRMS lets you spot trends and patterns, gain fresh insights, and generate reports you can share with your HR team. You can also monitor time and attendance and integrate the information with payroll and data analytics, letting you easily calculate costs. 

Cloud-based platform

SAP is one of the recognized leaders in cloud computing technology with its PaaS platform. And SAP SuccessFactors runs in the cloud to provide better services and highlight human experience at the center of its solutions. It provides flexibility in letting you manage your global workforce to strengthen engagement and enhance employee performance and productivity.

Vista HRMS allows you to run its people management platform on-premise or in a PDS-hosted cloud service. If you’re running it on-premise, you also have the option to make the timekeeping and attendance feature cloud-based. In Vista HRMS, every tool you need in a platform is organized in one place: HR, recruiting, benefits, timesheet, attendance, workflow automation, position control, budgeting, integrated query, payroll, analytics, reporting, and self-service delivery.

Which one suits your business better: SAP SuccessFactors or Vista HRMS?

SAP SuccessFactors is a popular human capital management platform due to its ease of use and comprehensive tools. It offers everything you need to improve your HR, keep your talent, and boost productivity. It is designed for any size of business — from small to large enterprises with a global reach. Also, SAP is one of the leaders in the analytics and business software solutions industry.

Vista HRMS, on the other hand, is developed by PDS and designed for businesses with a workforce residing in the United States and Canada. Its compliance for payroll and benefits is limited only within the labor and tax laws of the two countries. But the platform can also be used elsewhere as it allows users to tweak and customize some of its features and capabilities to suit their preferences. 

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