PeopleSoft is one of the most popular HR software products on the market. It has a range of essential features that can make human resources operations run smoothly and efficiently. While it doesn’t have the same name recognition as PeopleSoft, SimpleHR is also a top-rated solution you should consider. PeopleSoft is undeniably bigger and has more users than SimpleHR, but these two HR solutions have some similar features that can help businesses in any industry.

We’ll compare the key features of PeopleSoft and SimpleHR in this article to help you choose the better HR system for your business. If you’re not much into reading, use our Product Selection Tool to get a free shortlist of HR software recommendations tailored to your needs. Getting your recommendations takes five minutes or less.

An overview of PeopleSoft vs. SimpleHR

PeopleSoft is an HR solution from Oracle. It offers extensive features for human capital management, workforce management, labor rules and monitoring, self-service, reporting, and talent management. PeopleSoft has comprehensive capabilities that can handle the complex needs of large enterprises. This HR system can be overwhelming and too complicated for the simple needs of small businesses — that’s why it is best for medium to enterprise-sized businesses. PeopleSoft’s pricing tends to be on the high end and is quote-based.

As the name implies, SimpleHR has simple but effective HR features. These features include employee data tracking and progress documentation, self-service, HR dashboards, reporting, and automated reminders. As SimpleHR’s features are simple and straightforward, it works great for small to medium-sized businesses. Generally, SimpleHR is more affordable than PeopleSoft.

Features comparison

PeopleSoft and SimpleHR have features for employee monitoring, self-service, and reporting. We’ll compare how each software handles the same features.

Employee monitoring

PeopleSoft lets your employees manage their own data in your directory, meaning less administrative work and better data security. Apart from storing basic employee information, PeopleSoft lets your employees record important work and life events. Any change in vital information is updated in real-time. Additionally, PeopleSoft lets you monitor your employees as a whole. You can track the attributes and achievements of all your employees and see the strengths of the entire talent pool in your company. PeopleSoft also lets you monitor absences and hours worked.

SimpleHR lets you track employee information and performance data. You can import existing employee information from sources like Excel spreadsheets to eliminate the need for data entry. Simple HR also lets you document the progress of an employee throughout their employment lifecycle. Aside from standard information, SimpleHR lets you view an employee’s salary and position history and keep a record of accidents and incidents. This HR system also lets you track employee attendance and vacations, benefits, training, and performance. All the data in SimpleHR can be exported to Excel and Word.

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PeopleSoft has self-service capabilities for both employees and managers to carry out typical HR tasks. Employees can view and edit their personal information, payroll-related information, and benefits enrollment with this feature. PeopleSoft lets managers find relevant employee information and request or approve employee location transfers and promotions. Managers and workforce can also distribute surveys and other programs throughout the organization. The view and access for this self-service feature is personalized according to an employee’s role, language, experience, and operational requirements.

SimpleHR also has self-service capabilities for managers and supervisors. This feature is called the Manager Self-Service, which allows supervisors and managers to access employee information quickly. It reduces the number of calls into the HR office for essential information such as attendance and vacations, benefits, and performance reviews.


PeopleSoft lets you create HR reports. You can choose from the comprehensive set of pre-made standard reports from PeopleSoft like Performance vs. Compa Ratio report, Headcount Movement report, and Net Pay by Department and Geographic Location reports. Reports in PeopleSoft are updated in real-time.

SimpleHR has a reporting feature, too. You can choose from over 60 pre-built reports designed for simple and complex reporting needs. These pre-built reports include reports for employee performance, demographics, attendance, attrition, and company listings. Reports in SimpleHR may be filtered by location, division, department, and a selected date range.


PeopleSoft readily integrates with other products from PeopleSoft, PeopleSoft Learning Management, PeopleSoft Workforce Analytics, and PeopleSoft Financials. Users have to use PeopleSoft Integration Broker for additional third-party integrations.

SimpleHR integrates with common business applications as well as payroll and accounting tools like Quickbooks, Ovation Payroll, and Microsoft Office.

Which HR solution is right for you?

PeopleSoft and SimpleHR are both great HR options, depending on the size of your business. PeopleSoft has many useful features that will work best for large businesses with hundreds of employees, while SimpleHR is better for small companies with fewer employees. The high-end price of PeopleSoft also makes it more suitable for bigger companies, while SimpleHR is friendly to small business budgets.

Aside from price, the broad features of PeopleSoft might be excessive for small organizations. The self-service feature of PeopleSoft is more powerful than that of SimpleHR, but if you only have a few employees, it might be easier for one user to manage employee records. PeopleSoft also has more integrations than SimpleHR. That being said, the integrations SimpleHR offers are practical and meets the needs of many small businesses.

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