PeopleSoft and Namely are two of the most popular HR tools to manage, train, and recruit new employees. While manual tasks can take much of your time, these HR tools can help you automate these tasks. Managing employees takes a lot of your time — that’s why Peoplesoft and Namely are here to help you lessen those burdens.

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Peoplesoft vs. Namely: Overview

PeopleSoft is a powerful HR software that’s dedicated to automating and centralizing your human resources functions. This tool is designed to track your employee’s activities and data to provide insights on their performance. PeopleSoft can help you boost your business’s productivity by centralizing employee data for analysis and better forecasting.

Namely is a highly configurable HR platform that consolidates all HR related needs onto one platform. It can incorporate employees’ data into a single system that can be viewed and processed by any authorized officer. Namely can manage onboarding schemes and monitor employee performance.

Pros and cons of Peoplesoft and Namely

Managing, hiring, and training new employees are just some of the positive outputs of Peoplesoft and Namely. However, like any HR tools, Peoplesoft and Namely are not perfect. Each tool has its pros and cons that you need to check before buying an HR tool.

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  • It provides powerful insights.
  • It comes with an intuitive user experience.
  • It provides robust tools to configure and customize.
  • It has tight controls and policies for your workforce.
  • It’s user-friendly and has a nice interface.


  • Large amounts of data take a while to load and sometimes will crash the system.
  • It has a slight learning curve but becomes easier after minimal use.
  • It needs more plugins than in its current state.



  • It is user-friendly, accurate, and reliable.
  • The programs and features run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Overall a good value for your money.
  • It offers a great deal of customization to fit your workflows.
  • They are constantly releasing new features and improvements that are visible and useful.


  • Some integrations and features need improvement.
  • No proper leave tracking feature.
  • It doesn’t auto-track the history of job titles and salary-group-based individuals.

Typical customers of Peoplesoft and Namely

The customer base of Peoplesoft revolves around small and medium-sized organizations, as the tool allows for growth over time. With its user-friendly interface and powerful insights, these types of businesses can benefit the most out of this HR tool.

Likewise, Namely supports small to enterprise-level businesses. With its accurate and reliable features, your company can quickly adapt to the software. Namely offers a strong support network for small and medium-sized businesses.

Similar features of PeopleSoft vs. Namely

These features are designed to provide insights into a company’s operations and HR-related processes. 

Monitoring and reporting 

The PeopleSoft monitoring and reporting features focus on increasing your productivity without increasing costs. By providing you with real-time analysis of critical labor data, you can efficiently manage your workforce and resolve conflicts faster. PeopleSoft also streamlines the process by providing you with accurate reporting.

Namelyis designed to simplify and accelerate HR processes and workflows with its monitoring and reporting tools. This feature allows you to gain relevant insights into your company’s talent and pay equity metrics. Namely can also eliminate dual entry systems with its unlimited e-signature forms.


The PeopleSoft customization feature allows you to remotely customize and edit your employee’s benefits, their payroll, and even rate their performance. This feature helps you lessen the burdens of manual processes for HR professionals and streamlines the whole HR process. PeopleSoft’s customization feature covers all your company’s processes.

Namely focuses on allowing you to scale the system based on the needs and business requirements of your corporation. This enables you to augment any data relating to a specific set of employees or a whole department. You can also customize the type of integrations you want to use as well as build your integration through their secure API.

Which human resource management software should you choose? PeopleSoft or Namely?

If you’re still trying to find an HR software for your business, first be sure what you need it for. If you’re still undecided about what human resource software you’ll choose, we’ll give you a hand in solving the problem.

If you’re looking for an HR tool that enables you to augment any data relating to a specific set of employees, we suggest that you try Namely. With Namely’s customization feature, you can customize the type of integrations that you want to use.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an HR tool that focuses on providing you with real-time analysis of critical labor data, we suggest that you buy PeopleSoft. Its monitoring and reporting feature helps you efficiently manage your workforce and resolve conflicts faster by streamlining the monitoring and reporting process.

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