PeopleSoft vs. CATS HR

Which HR software is better?

We compare PeopleSoft and CATS to help you find the best HR software for your business.

Human Capital Management (HCM) is an integral part of organizations because it supports workforce needs. Software technology has found an innovative way to make human resources (HR) tasks easier through the development of HCM software solutions. Businesses have changed the way they perform HR tasks, thanks to automated benefits, payroll, talent recruiting, employee records, brand cultivation, and time-off requests in one platform.

HCM software solutions have capabilities for learning management, employee management, performance management, time clock management, and applicant recruiting and tracking. Through employee self-service features, HR professionals can focus on tasks that can’t be automated and require immediate attention.

Let’s look at two popular HCM software products: PeopleSoft vs. CATS HR. We’ll compare their features, integrations, and pricing models to help you decide on the best software solution for your business. Our Product Selection Tool provides you with five recommendations of HCM solutions tailored to your business needs from our Technology Advisors. It’s free and doesn’t take more than five minutes.

PeopleSoft vs. CATS HR: An overview

PeopleSoft is a product of Oracle designed to address the HCM needs of mid to-large-sized businesses. Deployable on-premise or in the cloud, this software provides strategic and comprehensive HR features through modules that meet complex business requirements. Companies across various industries like marketing, sales, and service can use it to analyze organizational and employee data to improve operations and boost employee morale. PeopleSoft automates HR tasks to reduce work time and allow users to focus on tasks that require immediate attention.

CATS HR, or CATS, helps recruiters and internal hiring staff obtain the right candidates with ease. The software has created more than 1.2 million jobs and entered over 34 million candidates into the CATS system. Users can use CATS to manage all aspects of the hiring process because of its end-to-end solution. They can import resumes through the software’s fully-featured applicant tracking system (ATS) and sort through thousands of candidates. It has a ‘submit to client’ feature for third-party recruiters and staffing agencies.

PeopleSoft vs. CATS HR: A comparison of features

PeopleSoft comes with key applications found within each module:

  • Global Core HCM: PeopleSoft provides users with self-service functionality, company directory, real-time analytical tools, and multinational support for businesses with multiple locations around the globe. Its payroll interface integrates with third-party payroll systems and has benefits and pension administration. Users in North America and global countries can use the payroll solution feature.
  • Workforce management: The software comes with time and labor features complete with mobile capability and allows users to manage sick leave through Outlook calendar or email. Users can utilize resource and travel and expense management functionalities.
  • In-memory labor rules and monitoring: PeopleSoft offers real-time analytical tools to help businesses make better labor decisions. It ensures businesses comply with overtime regulations by deploying time and labor policies on employees.
  • Workforce service delivery: This module is for self-service and collaboration designed to streamline common HR tasks. It includes ePay, eBenefits, eProfile, eProfile Manager Desktop, directory interface, and HR help desk.
  • Talent management: PeopleSoft comes with applications for tasks from recruiting to succession planning. These include incentive compensation, eDevelopment, eCompensation, ePerformance, services procurement, and enterprise learning management.

CATS users benefit from its set of features:

  • Automated hiring process with custom workflows: Users can create and customize statuses to reflect the hiring process. They can schedule events, send emails, and create tasks when one status changes.
  • User-friendly interface: Users can utilize Boolean search terms to find the perfect candidate for the job. CATS features keyword search and resume highlighting to scan through all resumes. Users can filter and save fields to narrow down options.
  • Mobile-friendly career portal: Candidates can complete an application by choosing a resume from their computer or uploading from online sites such as DropBox, LinkedIn, or Google Drive. HR personnel can customize each application with specific questions to collect necessary information.
  • Effortless schedule maker: HR staff can share a custom meeting link with contacts and candidates to show available schedules and book a time. The scheduled meeting is added automatically to the calendar.
  • Interview kits: CATS lets HR staff score candidates on specific skills and categories and make decisions based on summarized results of each team member’s ratings.

PeopleSoft vs. CATS HR: A comparison of prices

PeopleSoft offers licenses and charges users on a per-user basis. There is no minimum number of users set, but an additional fee is charged for system upgrades.  

CATS has a three-tier pricing model that is charged on a per-user-per-month basis and billed monthly or annually: Essentials, Pro, and Premium. The Essentials plan has a maximum of three users. The Pro plan is best for entrepreneurs and small teams, while the Premium plan is suitable for larger teams. All three plans come with a free trial.  

Interested parties can contact the vendors directly to request a quote.

PeopleSoft vs. CATS HR: A comparison of integrations

PeopleSoft easily integrates with the Oracle E-Business Suite, Siebel CRM, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Lotus Notes, and Microsoft Office.

CATS can be used with Slack, Google Drive, WordPress, MailChimp, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Gmail, Bamboo HR, Constant Contact, LinkedIn, Microsoft Outlook, Berke, Facebook, Twitter, and DaXtra.

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Give your company the best HCM software

Allow your business to succeed with the best HCM software. When making a choice, consider your business’s needs and make sure the software has the necessary features. Both products are suitable for large-sized businesses, but CATS is simpler to use. Its features are detailed and encompass different stages of recruiting. PeopleSoft integrates with solutions that are uncommon, while CATS integrates with social media applications. 

If you need more options, use our free Product Selection Tool to get a list of recommended vendors that meet your requirements.

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