A great user experience (UX) is just as important in recruiting software as in other systems. If the software does not give you value, if it’s not easy to use, and if it’s not pleasant to use, then it fails as a solution. Unfortunately, if your recruiting fails, your business fails because of the direct effect on business outcomes.

User experience in recruiting software becomes even more important when you realize that it is not only your staff that needs to have a great experience, but also the candidates that you are trying to attract and hire. This Lever vs. iCIMS article compares some common features and presents slight differences in how they provide a total experience to users.

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Lever, Inc., is a privately held software company founded in 2012. It’s based in San Francisco, CA, with an office in Toronto, ON. The company provides a recruiting software solution to companies so they can strategically grow their team. With a priority on the values of collaboration, transparency, and humanity, they have designed and implemented their product promoting the same values. Today, it has over 2000 company customers across 40 countries like Netflix, Cirque du Soleil, and Nortal, who depend on their software.

Lever offers the Talent Suite, which includes products that can be used separately or in combination. You can attract, source, engage, schedule, offer, and analyze, while streamlining the whole recruiting process with advanced tools. Individual products include:

  • Hire – for managing the talent pipeline
  • Nurture – for automating tasks involved in talent marketing
  • Analytics – for getting insights and metrics of candidates and team performance
  • Talent Cloud Connect – for seamless integration with other systems


iCIMS, Inc. is a private software company founded in 1999. It is based in Holmdel, NJ with an office in London, UK. The company has been solely dedicated to providing the right recruiting solutions to companies. It has incorporated user-friendly technology to offer end-to-end talent acquisition software. The software, used by over 4,000 clients like Valvoline, 7-Eleven, and Canon, is being used to fill more than 4 million open positions annually.

iCIMS was the first unified platform to serve business needs such as high-volume recruiting and candidate engagement. Today, you can choose from three product suites, each with a focus on a specific requirement such as:

  • Recruitment marketing – to attract talent and give the best experience
  • Advanced communications – to engage candidates across multiple channels
  • Hiring – to hire people faster

Feature comparison between Lever and iCIMS

Applicant tracking

Lever Hire is a complete solution with tools for sourcing and attracting candidates, managing schedules and interviews, and more. Aside from powerful sourcing and comprehensive candidate profiles, you can also easily fill in job requisitions with your own company-wide database, with candidates that you already know through past interviews, referrals, and other sources. Make it easy for candidates to find you with beautiful careers pages and mobile-friendly job applications. Integrations with Google Suite and Office 365 allows you to schedule 1:1 with candidates or panel interviews quickly by letting them book open slots. Your hiring managers can easily coordinate with the rest of the team and with candidates with Lever’s email sync. Other tools include a to-do list, custom interview kits, and ready-to-use reports.

iCIMS Recruit is part of the Hiring suite that lets you connect with job seekers through its integration with Google’s search engine. You can automate job postings to multiple job boards, and do it at scale. Social media tools allow you to cultivate a social presence while connecting easily with more job seekers. Using one application, you can view all information about candidates as well as sourcing, recruiting, and onboarding. Configurable workflows help automate the movement of candidates through the process, while integration with calendaring tools helps you save time in scheduling interviews. Also, hiring managers can manage jobs and leave feedback with its mobile app or email.

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Candidate relationship management

Lever Nurture works seamlessly with Hire to let you find new and existing candidates that you can include in targeted email campaigns. You can send personalized messages quickly using customizable email campaigns that are sent automatically by schedule. The software gives recommendations of candidates, past and present, that you can follow up automatically based on your last conversation. Recommendations can be further expanded or narrowed. It also has tools that help you track the results of your sourcing, get high-level reports on their performance, and drill down for details.

iCIMS Nurture is part of the Recruitment Marketing suite. You can quickly build a pipeline of ready and waiting candidates, and engage or re-engage them with targeted, automated messaging. Digital tools let you create online and offline events to build your talent pool from. Manage invites, follow-ups, or create branded event pages and use integrated text messaging tools. Machine learning algorithms can help you find the best candidates. You can also personalize automated email campaigns, and even hold virtual career fairs.

Reports and analytics

Lever Analytics gives you advanced tools on top of the ready-to-use reports included in Hire. The visual dashboards give you more data visualizations, interactive graphs, and predictive capabilities using the same recruiting platform. You can customize reports to get deeper insight from your data, or quickly use 14 pre-built reports that cover a wide range of metrics, both high-level overviews and daily operational information. It also includes tools to import data into Lever and an API to export data or customize data flow to other systems.

Reporting and analytics tools in iCIMS don’t come as a separate product but come included in the individual products and suites. iCIMS has ready-made recruiting dashboards available in Recruit to provide multiple staffing metrics, such as cost per hire, job board performance, and others. You can get executive-level overviews or manager-level detailed view of data.

Choosing Lever vs. iCIMS

The complete Lever Talent Suite also includes Talent Cloud Connect, which is the tool for plug and play integrations. You can connect it to other HR systems to unify your workflow, data, and expand your insights to include HR performance metrics. So, you are able to gain new insight when recruiting data is combined with employee retention and performance.

iCIMS offers a product that integrates their talent acquisition platform with other apps, resources, and services. UNIFi Marketplace lets you find other existing solutions specific to the recruiting industry. You can augment and enhance your current system without having to switch applications. Use advanced automation or find partners that can help do background checks, video interviews, drug screenings, and more.

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