Managing a global workforce is no easy task. The sheer number alone of employees scattered across the globe can overwhelm a system. Plus, the increased and varying complexity of labor, payroll, benefits, and compliance policies and regulations can require a lot of time. You need a software platform like Ceridian Dayforce or Oracle Cloud HCM that offers advanced HR and human management solutions. 

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But first, let’s compare Dayforce and Oracle Cloud HCM.

Ceridian Dayforce vs. Oracle Cloud HCM: An overview

Ceridian Dayforce is a human capital management (HCM) software that combines HR, payroll, benefits, and talent and workforce management in a single, integrated, and scalable platform. It’s a comprehensive cloud-based application for data-informed management of the entire employee lifecycle. 

Oracle Cloud HCM, on the other hand, is a cloud-native software application that integrates human resources and all related processes in one platform. It provides complete and data-driven solutions for global HR, talent and workforce management, payroll, and benefits.

Human resources  

Dayforce automates tasks and processes to make the work of HR easier. It collects and keeps records of employee information from timesheets to payroll, from benefits to performance in a single location. Its use of HR analytics lets you gain insights from reports on employee performance, trends, safety, status, location, and workforce diversity for better decisions. And it allows employees to access their information and activities through its self-service feature.

Oracle Cloud HCM allows you to manage both local and global workforce, access employee information in one place, and make data-driven decisions. Its core modules include HR, recruitment, onboarding, benefits administration, absence management, workforce analytics, directory, help desk, self-service and employee engagement, balanced work-life solutions, and advanced controls. And it simplifies workflows and the complex processes of managing a global workforce.

Talent management

Dayforce lets you attract, develop, and motivate talent. It offers the tools for engaging with quality candidates throughout hiring, and when hired, managing and developing them at every stage of their careers until retirement. It features tools for recruitment, onboarding, goal alignment, learning and development, employee engagement, performance assessment, compensation, succession planning, and team support system.

Oracle Cloud HCM provides advanced tools for attracting the best candidates, enhancing recruitment, and improving efficiency in hiring and managing talent. It gives you control over every stage of the process, from recruitment to retirement. Its core modules include recruiting, compensation, performance management, learning and development, social collaboration, and succession planning.  

Workforce management

Dayforce helps improve and enhance the efficiency and labor rules compliance, allowing you to manage your workforce effectively. Processes are automated so you can deploy schedules, review timesheets, and modify information easily. And it ensures the accuracy of timesheet information, attendance, and pay calculation. Employees can access their data and request time off.

Managing a global workforce is challenging, especially when it comes to labor, payroll, benefits, and compliance regulations. Oracle Cloud HCM streamlines processes, aligns workforce management and business strategy, and ensures reduction of compliance risks, integrating essential data such as time, labor, payroll, benefits, and personnel information, making them accessible in one place. Its core modules include workforce time and labor, strategic planning, leave management, and health and safety.


Dayforce simplifies benefits management, which includes open enrollment, benefits plans and options, and ACA administration. It helps make the well-being of employees a priority as it’s integrated with payroll, time tracking, and employee information to streamline the otherwise complex processes. 

Oracle Cloud HCM provides flexible benefits programs for specific company requirements and regulations of a country. It merges data from compliance, time and attendance, and payroll for benefits calculations and plan management, and provides a self-service enrollment feature to guide employees throughout the entire benefits process.


Dayforce calculates net pay continuously throughout the pay period instead of in batches, which means less time to spend on payroll processing and more time for reviews and audits to ensure accuracy in employee salary. Administrators can access data as payroll is integrated with time tracking in one application, and it complies with complex payroll tax regulations. Its self-service feature allows employees to view and manage their data like pay, deductions, and tax information.

Oracle Cloud HCM offers a complete solution to payroll needs for the local and global workforce. It features an advanced payroll interface, streamlining complex processes that vary across organizations, industries, and countries. It has predefined integrations that reduces complexity and improves efficiency while remaining compliant to rules and policies.

Which is the better option?

Both platforms use cutting edge technologies and are fully scalable.

What makes Dayforce unique is its continuous pay calculation for its payroll system feature. It combines and centralizes data across all HR functions in a single location, provides predictive analytics for actionable insights and informed decisions, and is accessible anytime, anywhere on any device.

However, Oracle Cloud HCM fuses data analytics and automation into human resources for accuracy, scalability, and informed decisions. It features a voice-based UI, a digital assistant, guided workflows, and personalized user experience. 

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