If you’re looking for a learning management software for your company, you might have already encountered Canvas and Path LMS. 

While there are a lot of programs out there to help improve the training and education of employees, companies still opt for these learning management software packages. But what are the features that make Canvas and Path LMS desirable? 

In this article, we’ll review Canvas vs. Path LMS. We will discuss the different features of Canvas and Path LMS and how they compare. We’ll look at their pricing packages and integrated platforms that each LMS supports. 

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Target business and pricing in Canvas vs. Path LMS

Canvas LMS works well with businesses of any size. Companies have started using this software because it’s easy to use and has flexible pricing. Even small business owners can use Canvas LMS for their everyday operations.

Path LMS, on the other hand, works best with a mid-size business to enterprise-level corporations. Path LMS has more complicated features that require a bit of prior knowledge to get up and running. That’s why freelancers and small-sized businesses should find another learning management software that’s easier to use.

Canvas LMS pricing

  • Quote based plan
  • Free trial
  • Free account

Path LMS pricing 

  • Free Demo
  • Quote-based Plan

Benefits in Canvas vs. Path LMS

The surge in popularity of LMS software is due to the numerous business benefits. Here are some notable benefits of Canvas and Path LMS.

Canvas LMS benefits

  • Open architecture: The possibilities of its integrations are limitless thanks to its open architecture.
  • Portfolium: An e-portfolio where employee’s progress can be tracked and observed over long periods of time.
  • Cloud-based architecture: Creates reliable connectivity and data integration.
  • Canvas Catalog: A program that publishes courses to share with other companies.
  • Open platform: The software is available on most platforms such as mobile, desktop, and Apple.

Path LMS benefits

  • Custom branding: Allows its users to integrate your company’s brand, logo, or trademark to the platform.
  • Webinar Platform Integrations: Users can participate in real-time webinars on the go or at home.
  • Database Integration: It creates a single place for users to access numerous employee data points.
  • Evaluations: Evaluate employee performance through surveys, quizzes, and more.
  • Unlimited storage: Allows the company to store an unlimited amount of data in their system.
  • Mobile optimized: Supports most mobile brands such as Apple and Android.

Similar LMS features for Canvas vs. Path LMS

When it comes to features and benefits, both Canvas and Path LMS have a lot of features to support your every need. These LMS options can significantly impact the productivity of your training and learning methods. Here are some similar features Canvas and Path LMS have in common.

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Assessments and certification 

Assessment and certification features allow users to create tests and exams to evaluate employees. 

In Canvas LMS, the assessment program enables you to publish courses to reach more learners. This free test carries your company brand and title that makes for great advertising.

On the other hand, Path LMS focuses more on creating branded certificates for your employees. Certifications can be used by your employees to signify they’ve undergone training and passed. They can add this to their resume or can use the badges for gamified learning.

Customizable user profiles 

With Canvas, user profiles are accessible and shareable. Any authorized individual can access this information and use it to evaluate your employees. If your company has a lot of new interns, this feature is what you need to keep them on track.

Path’s customizable user profiles allow its users to add assignments to any employee profile. Adding tasks to their profile will save time contacting the specific employee and communicating about training.

Choosing between Canvas and Path LMS

While both software choices have a lot of unique features, there are some notable differences in their programming. We recommend choosing the software whose features and integrations work best for your business. In addition, keep in mind Canvas LMS supports any-sized business, while Path LMS supports mid-to-enterprise level businesses.

Canvas LMS can be an excellent starting learning management tool for your business. Canvas is a user-friendly program with lots of support features.

As for Path LMS, if you already know how to use learning management software and want to upgrade your old LMS, you can always upgrade to Path. For more learning management software options, use our HR Software Buyers Guide.