Training new employees and candidates can be exhausting; this is especially true when you have a big company with different departments. Training becomes repetitive and stale when you’ve done it a hundred times with various employees. 

Canvas and LearnUpon LMS can help you break that chain of repetitiveness with their unique features and easy-to-use programs. Both learning management software options can help you improve the quality of your employees. With their highly intuitive interface, your learners will improve the quality of work in no time.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing two of the most notable LMS options in the market today. Canvas or LearnUpon might be the software that will turn your company around. We will be comparing and reviewing the different features and offers that each LMS provides. 

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Pricing and supported platforms in Canvas vs. LearnUpon

The price of software can be a dealbreaker for a lot of companies. The value of the software should always be in proportion to your company’s needs. Luckily, Canvas and LearnUpon both have pricing that works for different company sizes. Here are some of the packages they offer:

Canvas available packages

  • Quote based plan
  • Free trial
  • Free account

LearnUpon available packages

  • Free trial
  • Basic
  • Essential
  • Premium
  • Enterprise

When it comes to availability and mobility, there’s a big difference in their features. Supported platforms are essential for any program as many companies now want to make eLearning available to their employees from anywhere. Whether the program can be used on-the-go or office-based depends on the platforms it supports.

Canvas supported platforms

  • Web-based
  • iPhone app
  • Android app

LearnUpon supported platforms

  • Web-based

LMS features for Canvas vs. LearnUpon

Canvas and LearnUpon might have different pricing and supported platforms, but their general purpose stays the same. Let’s look at some of the features both programs share:

Course content upload

Uploading your company’s course outline for new trainees and interns can save you a lot of time on manual training. The Canvas LMS course catalogue allows you to upload your training manuals, course outlines, and modules into one system where your future employees can train virtually. Their primary focus is to enable users to sell the uploaded content to other companies, thereby producing a secondary revenue stream.

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On the other hand, LearnUpon LMS focuses on allowing its users to upload not only documents but also video and audio lectures on their platform. Their course content upload feature also allows its users to mix and match modules to create a new and dynamic learning experience.

Webinar tool integration 

Webinar tools are used to create a unique learning experience through seminars conducted online. Canvas LMS provides a platform to view webinars on mobile phones. You can now attend workshops by accessing it on your mobile device.

LearnUpon’s webinar tool integrates badges and points for each seminar attended by your employees. It allows for an engaging experience for the employees, and it keeps them motivated to participate in more webinars. A rewards system is not an uncommon practice among business enterprises as it has proven to be effective in keeping your employees motivated.

Which learning management software should you choose? Canvas or LearnUpon?

If you’re still undecided about what learning management software you’ll choose, we’ll give you a hand in solving that problem. If you’re looking for an LMS software that you can use on-site or on-the-go, we suggest you integrate Canvas LMS. Canvas has a lot of features to help you train and manage your employees from a distance because of its availability on different platforms.

However, if you’re looking for an LMS that allows you to create engaging and diverse courses, then we suggest you choose LearnUpon LMS. This learning management software will enable you to create and share online courses with other businesses through their online channels. LearnUpon is a one-stop-shop for all learning portals where your employees can learn and grow.

If you’re still looking for an LMS for your business, use our HR Software Buyers Guide.