An organization thrives with its life source and greatest asset: its people. To sustain the workforce’s productivity, keep them motivated, and retain top talent in a company is not an easy task. It requires not only people skills, but also tools for automating complicated tasks, simplifying processes, and ensuring every detail and information is accurate. Ascentis and Paycor are two HR/HCM platforms that provide comprehensive solutions to enhance talent and workforce management and payroll and benefits administration.

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Ascentis vs. Paycor: An overview

Ascentis is a web-based, user-friendly, and all-in-one HR/HCM suite designed to provide solutions for a company’s recruitment, talent, workforce, time and attendance, payroll, benefits, and employee data management needs. Founded in 1994, it is well-suited to small and mid-sized businesses across industries.

Paycor is a complete HR/HCM solutions platform that integrates advanced analytics for better decisions. It offers an array of advanced tools ranging from recruitment and onboarding to payroll and benefits administration to enhance HR and boost productivity by simplifying processes and automating complex tasks.

Human resources and analytics  

Quick access to data enhances HR management. Ascentis simplifies HR processes by automating the collection of employee information and centralizing data in one accessible location. It allows you to send and share relevant content to specific groups. You can also track data, perform analytics, and generate insightful reports. The platform offers advanced and customizable tools for benefits administration, HR compliance, employee self-service, streamlining of business processes, managing employee data, and real-time access to information.

Paycor integrates analytics with HR data, payroll and benefits, and time and attendance, providing users with real-time visualization and insights in a simple language for better business and day-to-day decisions. It modernizes HCM with its automation of processes and advanced tools for recruitment, talent management, workforce management, learning and development, time and attendance, payroll and benefits administration, compliance, and reporting.

Recruitment and talent management

Ascentis helps improve recruitment and onboarding workflows and empowers you to manage talents more effectively. It offers customizable tools and solutions to identify and attract talents, track and engage candidates, and add exceptional individuals to your company’s workforce. The platform features performance management metrics, compensation budgeting, learning and development tools, employee review, succession planning, and live feedback.

Specially designed for recruiters, Paycor delivers a recruitment dashboard that helps you attract talents, plan compensation and benefits packages, and employ analytics to have a comprehensive view of the applicants. It streamlines processes, enhances your recruitment, and optimizes talent management capability. Paycor features tools that simplifies employee information and enhances learning and talent development.

Time and attendance 

Ascentis automates time tracking and connects it with workforce management. Its Timekeeper streamlines time and attendance management and integrates with payroll, benefits, and compliance. Ascentis features leave or time-off management, attendance, biometric time clocks, geofencing and mobile access, automated scheduling, and personalized calculation of employee pay.

Paycor also provides advanced tools for time and attendance management. Time-keeping is automated to ensure accuracy, and it integrates with other fields such as payroll and tax, benefits, compliance, and employee data. You can monitor timesheets, measure productivity, and predict cost trends for labor. It features time-off management, alerts and communication, mobile time clock and geofencing, wage and hour compliance, and overtime insights and automated scheduling.

Simplified payroll solutions 

Ascentis features a simple 5-step payroll system, which helps reduce processing time. It is easy to use and integrates with time and attendance, paycheck options, and tax filings–ensuring the accuracy of employee pay. Like Ascentis, Paycor also offers a simplified online payroll system, which is convenient to use as it intelligently streamlines processes.

Which platform is better: Ascentis or Paycor?

Both platforms offer comprehensive solutions for your HR/HCM needs. Ascentis is best for small and mid-sized businesses, and it features advanced tools that are simplified and easy to use to enhance your company’s HR/HCM. Paycor, however, is well-suited for small and large businesses, especially in the human capital management industry. But it also fits well with every HR department across industries.

If you have not decided on an HR/HCM platform for your business yet, then using our Product Selection Tool would be of great benefit. It’s easy to use and free of charge.